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19 October 2011,
Risk prediction modeling in genetic epidemiology
10:00 - 17:00 tea and coffee provided
at the Hicks Building, University of Sheffield
Introductory workshop on statistical genetics
speakers: Jennifer Barrett (University of Leeds), Mark Iles
(University of Leeds)
Risk prediction modeling in genetic epidemiology
speakers: Cathryn Lewis (King's College London)
David Balding (University College London)
David Evens (University of Bristol)
Abstract and further details:
Genetic epidemiology is a rapidly developing field within medical science.
High-throughput genetic technologies applied to epidemiological collections
have enabled large panels of genetic variations, densely covering the whole
of the human genome, to be tested for association with disease risk. Such
genome wide association studies have proved to be successful identifying
many well replicated associations. However, as these identified genetic
variants are frequently associated with modest changes in disease risk,
attention is now turning to the development and implementation of multivariate
risk prediction models.
The meeting will focus on this recent research including advances and
challenges in the statistical methods required to develop and apply
multivariate risk prediction models in the diagnostic and prognostic
management of complex diseases.
There is no charge to attend the meeting or the introductory workshop,
however it will assist our planning and booking appropriate lecture theatres if
those intending to attend can email the organisers in advance.
Registration is required, please contact the meeting organiser
([email protected]) for further details. Please circulate the attached
flyer as possible.
With best wishes,
Oliver Ratmann
On behalf on the Young Statisticians Section, Royal Statistical Society