CDROM/APJS/V88/P529 Catalog of 558 Pulsars (Taylor+ 1993) ========================================================================= ======= Catalog of 558 Pulsars J. H. Taylor, R. N. Manchester, & A. G. Lyne <1993, ApJS, 88, 529> =1993ApJS...88..529T ========================================================================= ======= Abstract: We present an up-to-date compilation of the principal observed parameters of 558 pulsars, including positions, timing parameters, pulse widths, flux densities, proper motions, distances, and dispersion, rotation, and scattering measures. We also list the orbital elements of binary pulsars and some commonly used parameters derived from the basic measurements. Uncertainties are quoted for most quantities, and references to the original literature are given. Figures are used to illustrate the sample distributions of some of the more important parameters. Machine-readable versions of the tabulated information are available, together with software designed to make the data base useful to others working in the field. Keywords: catalogs -- pulsars: general Description: The files listed below represent the Pulsar data base maintained by the authors and containing essentially all the pulsar parameters known to them -- including celestial coordinates and proper motions, periods and period derivatives, dispersion, rotation, and scattering measures, pulse widths, flux densities, distances, and binary orbital parameters. Included are several short FORTRAN routines to provide easy access to the data base file. See the file 'readme' for instructions from the authors for installing, compiling and using the pulsar data base. File Summary: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------- File Name Lrecl Records Explanations ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------- readme 75 78 Author-supplied intro to data base software ascat1.dat 80 3981 Machine-readable version of the pulsar catalog ascat1.def 81 134 Include file for rdascat1.f bincat.f 70 32 Converts catalog to binary for faster reading cra.f 35 31 Some utility subroutines makefile 40 33 UNIX makefile to compile the catalog software psrcat1.def 73 66 Include file for rdascat1.f pulsar.f 63 177 Provides catalog information on specific pulsars rdascat.f 67 47 Subroutine used to read file ascat1.dat rdascat.h 69 23 Include file with definition of common block rdascat.inf 74 99 Definitions and units of catalog parameters

rdascat1.f 82 335 Alternative subroutine for reading ascat1.dat rdbincat.f 50 28 Subroutine used to read binary file bincat.dat summary.f 68 121 Provides summary of catalog contents by various categories ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------- ========================================================================= ======= (End) Lee Brotzman [ADS] 23 Mar-1995