to a Copy of the Library/Reading Room Policy

Compiled June 20, 2008
O.P. 2.01: Use of Burk Burnett Library and Reading Room
Purpose: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure is to provide an understanding of the
general use of the Burnett Library and Reading Room located in the Main Gallery of the National
Ranching Heritage Center for university and public education and research.
Review: This OP will be reviewed annually by the Special Projects Manager and/or Executive
Director. Revisions will be incorporated or added as amendments to this document.
1. These regulations apply to all areas of the Burnett Library and Reading Room and to all parties
interested in access to or use of the resources contained within.
2. The Burnett Library and Reading Room is a repository for the NRHC and RHA owned
ranching related printed materials. This collection includes books, journals, magazines, bound
photo collections or publications, almanacs, periodicals etc.
3. The Burnett Library and Reading Room is designed to facilitate research and education
principally of the ranching industry and its history. The materials contained within the Library are
available, under certain restrictions, for research and/or study to members of the Texas Tech
University faculty, staff, student body and the public at large.
4. The Library is open by appointment only. Reservations for use of the library for research or
study must be made no less than five days prior to arrival for visit. Use of the Library, and the
contents, is done only under direct supervision. An appointed person from the NRHC staff must
be present in the Library or Reading Room at all times when access is granted to a visitor or
5. Visitors to the Burnett Library and Reading Room are not permitted to check out, borrow or
take any material from the space. If copies of any materials are needed, a request must be made to
the supervisory personnel who will arrange to make the copies and allow distribution at a later
6. Neither the Burnett Library nor the Reading Room are available for rental use.
7. All doors to the Library and Reading Room will remain locked at all times.
8. The kitchen area is for use only with NRHC related meetings or conferences.
9. All materials contained in the Library or Reading Room must be handled with care. These
items are part of the NRHC collection and are considered museum artifacts. First and limited
edition printed manuscripts are to be handled with care, preferably with clean cotton gloves. All
materials contained within the Library or Reading Room will be handled according to established
museum practices. Staff members supervising researchers or visitors will enforce these practices.
10. Security will inspect the room periodically during each day for burnt-out light bulbs, trash,
un-shelved materials. Lights for the Library will remain on during museum hours.
11. Abuse of furniture, cabinets, printed materials or any content of Library and/or Reading
Room is not allowed. Anyone injuring the rooms or contents will be removed from the premises.
TTU Police will be notified and, if applicable, criminal charges will be made against the offender.
12. All visitors to the Burnett Library and Reading Room will obey these regulations:
a. No photography, scanning or video recording allowed.
b. Copies of any materials are done by the NRHC staff. These copies are restricted
to their use and number.
c. No book bags, back-packs, attaché cases or other containers allowed within the Library
or Reading Room. All such luggage will be checked at the Security kiosk.
d. Only loose-leaf notebook paper and pencils are allowed into the Library or Reading
Room. Pens, markers, highlighters, knives, razor blades, scissors and cell phones are not
permitted. Cigarette lighters, matches or any source of flame is prohibited. Laptop
computers are allowed, but the computer must not be in a case or bag. Scanners or photocopiers are prohibited.
e. Researchers who will spend consecutive days in the Library or Reading Room may
leave research material out. Any material withdrawn from a bookcase or shelf will be
deposited on the shelf-top near the copier when read. Visitors will not re-shelve
f. A sign-in sheet is provided for each visitor to the Library or Reading Room. The visitor
will provide their name, organization of affiliation, purpose for the visit, time-in and
time-out. The NRHC assigned Library supervisor has the responsibility to ensure that
each visitor signs in and out.
13. The person assigned by the NRHC to supervise visitors to the Burnett Library and Reading
Room will have the responsibility of enforcing the regulations of use. NRHC Security Staff and
the Registrar will oversee the enforcement of this OP.