Journal of Speech Language Pathology and Applied Behavior

Journal of Speech Language Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis
This site is informative because it discusses many different aspects of speech in detail.
Health Reference Center Academic
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QJM open journal
Gives information about stroke victims and speech.
Plos biology open journal
Details on an aspect of Speech Pathology-stuttering..
Think Tank
This site shows consumers what treatment they can get that’s covered.
Think Tank
This site shows consumers what treatment they can get that’s covered.
This site shows the exact qualifications needed and answers questions.
This is a student organization so it will shed a different light on Audiology.
I chose this site as it is the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and its
members are speech pathologists.
Craig’s list
New York League for Early Learning is one of YAI/National Institute for People with
Disabilities' seven network agencies and provides early intervention and pre-school
services to children birth through five with developmental delays in the NYC and
metropolitan area. The New York League for Early Learning has received awards from
the State Education Department, and was acknowledged for consistently providing
quality services and the best staff in the field.
We invite ongoing applications for Speech Language Pathologists in our New York and
metropolitan preschools, located in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn.
In addition to working for a rapidly growing agency with a great reputation, you will be
rewarded with a friendly working environment that facilitates open communication and
participatory management, where you are truly valued as a professional and where your
opinion really matters. You will receive on-going state-of-the-art training, supportive
supervision and a commitment to developing your education and career to help you reach
your greatest potential as a professional.
Seeking Speech Language Pathologists for our six week summer program as well as the
* Provide speech/language and/or feeding or oromotor to assigned children
* Evaluate speech/language skills of children and provide referrals
* Prepare Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and update as necessary
* Monitor and screen of hearing status and referrals for audiological services as needed
* Meet with parents as necessary and involve them in their child's activities and progress
* MA Degree in Speech Pathology
* NYS licensed as a Speech/Language Pathologist and Certification as Teacher of Speech
and Hearing Handicapped
New York Times
Milestone School for Child Development
SLP/TSLD position Requirements:
 NYS license for Speech Language Pathology preferred
 bilingual or monolingual TSLD's encouraged to apply.
 Hours will be 8:15am-3:30pm Mon - Fri.
 experience with pediatric populations a plus
Salary & Benefits:
Milestone School offers a competitive salary dependent on experience and certification
status. We offer a benefits package that includes medical & dental coverage, 401K plan,
employer-sponsored pension plan, and reduced rates for on-site day care.
Milestone School is conveniently located in downtown Brooklyn and is easily
accessible by car, train, bus and LIRR. Masters Degree, 1-2 years experience
SLP Blog site