Identity Hispanic Heritage





All Grades

Identity: Hispanic Heritage

Final Essay

Week6, Mester 1

Tuesday-Thursday, September 14-16, 2010.


Focus our students on Hispanic Heritage

20-30 minutes


White board and pen, student pen or pencil, discussion questions sheet, The U.S. Census Bureau

News: Facts for features-Hispanic Heritage Month

2010: September 15-October’s article, computer, and the Creative Writing Competition Flyer.

Celebrating the Contribution of Latinos in Los

Angeles Creative Writing Competition


Critical thinkers, community contributors

Latino Heritage

Discussion Activity #1

Discussion Questions:

1. Which ethnic group or culture do you belong to? How important to you is your racial, ethnic or cultural identity? Why?

3. Why do people from Hispanic countries choose to emigrate?

4. Which Latino groups (and other ethnic groups) exist in your community (like El

Salvadorans, Venezuelans, Guatemalans, etc.)? In what ways are these cultures celebrated or acknowledged in your community?

5. Describes some of the benefits of being in the minority – What can be some of the challenges when someone is in the minority?

Activity 2:

Share or provide students the U.S. Census Bureau News: Facts for features-

Hispanic Heritage Month 2010: September 15-October 15 article.

Introduce The

Achievements of Hispanic people and the writing Contest Topic: Celebrating the

Contributions of Latinos in Los Angeles.

Please provide students the Creative Writing

Competition Flyer. Explain to students the competition guidelines for entry:


Creative writing must be an original work and


previously published in the form of a poem, song, story, essay, etc.


Entry MUST be typed on MS Word Document or on paper,


exceeding one page.


Judging is based on originality, clarity of the writing, and incorporation of the topic.

Attention Teachers:

Students are to write and finish their essay if they wish during the break of September 2-10 th

. Please continue working with the project and choose one essay per class that shows originality and competence to submit to the creative writing competition. Please send essays to

Ms. Yolanda Vazquez @ B128 no later than September 16, 2010