Slang of the 1920s


Slang of the 1920s

Using the following websites (


state their definition. ) complete the chart below. Define the twenty terms given and then find another twenty terms from the time period (avoiding the racist terms) and



Definition Term Definition

Bank’s Closed Bee’s Knees Caper Copacetic Dead Soldier Dolled Up Drugstore Cowboy Flapper Giggle Water Gatecrasher Hip to the Jive Hooch Ossified Real McCoy Sheik Speakeasy Struggle Buggy Swanky Upchuck Now that you have a list of slang terms used in the twenties, you are to work in groups of two or three to create a story with dialogue that uses the slang terms from the 1920s. You must properly use at least 20 different slang terms in your story, incorporate dialogue, and make sure that the story flows nicely. After creating a story, it will be presented to the rest of the class. . Each of the slang terms is to be underlined.