Seeking to have the best calibers in all departments

Seeking to have the best calibers in all departments, -------------------- participated at
AUC Fall 2014 Employment Fair. The fair was held at the American University in
Cairo new campus, on Saturday, November 1, 2014.
Our goal of participating in the job fair is to: support the graduates and
undergraduates in their career path and to invest in potentially promising calibers by
training them on the ground, providing with tools and knowledge, introducing them to practical
The fair was a one day event to give the opportunity for graduates and
undergraduates to communicate with the corporates in order to find out what are
the skills and requirements required by the employers .
It was also a way for companies to meet and talk to the students about their
expectations and needs from their future employees.
---------------‘s presence was very strong as being the only law firm in the Fair.
We were very pleased with the successful candidates we met and the with the
applications we had collected