Extemp Impromptu

Pattern A
Pattern B
**Rules for all Individual Events are consistent with AFA rule descriptions.
However NFA impromptu prompts will be followed:
Saturday—Rd 1 (quotations), Rd 2 (proverbs), Finals (quotations in
Sunday—Rd 1 (quotations), Rd 2 (single word), Quotation by NFA Hall
of Fame Member
ENTRIES: Event entries per team are unlimited, though teams entering large numbers
in certain events might anticipate competing against teammates in prelims. Students may enter no
more than THREE events per bracket. All entries will be made online at http://www.speechwire.com/
AWARDS: Awards will be presented to finalists in all events. Team sweepstakes
awards will be given to the top five schools. Sweepstakes points will be given for points accumulated
in final rounds only. Quadrathon awards will be given to the top five students. A student may enter
quadrathon by entering any combination of four events.
FEES: Fees are $8.00 per entry. Each judge will cover six (6) slots. Uncovered slots
are $10.00 each. Entry Fees will be assessed as of Wednesday, February 6 at 12:00 noon. Drops
made after noon on February 6 will be assessed $5.00 per dropped slot. Drops made at registration
will be assessed $10.00 fee per slot and $50.00 per dropped judge. Please make checks for UWEC
payable to Pi Kappa Delta, and checks for Ripon payable to Ripon College Forensics.
QUESTIONS: For questions regarding the Wisconsin Love Fest, contact Karen Morris
at (715) 836-3305 or e-mail at [email protected] For questions regarding the Red Hawk
Invitational, contact Brianne Giese at (920) 748-8152 or [email protected]
ACCOMMODATIONS: Most of the hotels are all in the same area and within walking
distance from each other.
Holiday Inn – Campus Area
Official Love Fest Hotel
2703 Craig Rd.
(715) 835-2211
Days Inn West
6319 Truax Lane
Eau Claire, WI 54703
(715) 874-5550
(800) 950-4850
Fax: (715) 874-6101
 Ask for special rates for LOVEFEST.
 70.00 single and 79.00 for 2-4 persons
 Tax Exemption is available for Wisconsin Schools and Out of
State Private Schools but not Out of State Public Schools
 To guarantee availability, make reservations by Jan. 31, 2015
Hampton Inn
2622 Craig Road
Eau Claire, WI 54701
(715) 833-0003
Fax: (715) 833-0915
Comfort Inn of Eau Claire
3117 Craig Road
Eau Claire, WI 54701
(715) 833-9798
Fax: (715) 833-9798
Other Area Hotels:
Days Inn (715) 835-2242 or (800) 528-1234
Exel Inn (715) 834-3193
Quality Inn (715) 834-6611 or (800) 228-5151
Plaza Hotel (715) 834-3181 or (800) 482-7829
Best Western Trail Lodge (715) 838-9989
GETTING TO THE HOTELS: From I-94, take Exit 65 and turn right onto Rt. 37. At the second
set of traffic lights, turn left. Hotels are all in this area.
GETTING TO THE TOURNAMENT: Take Clairemont Avenue west (away from the highway).
You will go through two lights and under a pedestrian bridge. At the third set of lights, take a right.
STAY IN THIS LANE! It will curve twice to the right. This takes you to State St. At the bottom of
the State St. Hill, turn left at the first street you come to. You may park in Davies Lot, some of
Phillips Lot, and all of Hibbard Lot. UWEC does not ticket on Saturday or Sunday. More
information is available at: http://www.uwec.edu/parking/.