Sacred Hill Arabian Horses Qld

Sacred Hill Arabian Horses
October 2007
Welcome Mason Jai Brear!
Finally I have had a moment to do a new newsletter! So much has been going on its just crazy
times at the moment!
As most of you would know, Mark and I welcomed our third baby boy into the world on Fathers day
the 2nd of Sept, at Ipswich Hospital at 3.44 am after a quick labour. Mason Jai Brear has settled in
brilliantly, he has been sleeping thru from nearly day one, and is an angel to have around. He has
just started laughing and smiling and the boys just love him to bits! So family life has been very
busy; but so worth while. Love having my new baby boy around, he is just a delight!
As for the horse front, Khouros has become a dad to numerous foals this season, (please visit
website to view more info and photos ) So far he has sired palomino
babies for Chelleason Arabians, a purebred filly for Shatana Arabians, a purebred colt for Yukon
Park Arabians, a purebred filly for Eminem Arabians, a purebred colt for Argyle Arabians, an Anglo
colt for Tulgon Estate Performance horses, a Partbred filly for Morgan Batt, and my very own
Christoph Amethyst foaled a brown bay filly, Diamante SHAH.
Diamante SHAH AWB filly
Chaswyck Priscilla foaled a STUNNING grey colt by Ibn Sterling Shaklan (Kai Hai Arabians) we
have named him Suhayl SHAH, AKA Woohoo. He is of extreme type, good solid bone, awesome
neck set, tiny curly ears, large eyes, and great legs and feet. Oh and I finally have my grey colt!
Suhayl SHAH
We congratulate everyone that has bred to Khouros and have welcomed their new healthy foals to
the world this season. We are thrilled with what he is producing and look forward to seeing his new
babies hitting the show ring in the near future.
Obviously due to EI, we have not been able to breed outside mares this season. Christoph
Amethyst has been rebred to Khouros for an Oct baby.
Last week, we lost our precious filly, SHAH Annah, by Maf-ue Shaienne, out of Redwood Lodge
High Society. Annah was born with a damaged shoulder, and we had ongoing problems with it, so
after a year of watching her shoulder get worse, the decision was made to put her to sleep. She
was the most beautiful filly, such a sad loss for us. RIP Annah…….
The day after putting Annah to sleep, I had to put my old dog, Spritz to sleep too. A very sad day,
no a VERY sad week in general……………………. Spritz lived to the great age of 16, and had a
fabulous life, but she left behind her 15 yo daughter, Seal who was pining for her mum, so a few
days later, we purchased a young pup for Seal, li’l Lolly! They are getting on well now, and Seal is
enjoying having a precocious pup to play with!
Spritz- R.I.P. my Ferters!
We would like to extend a huge congratulations to Lauren Temple Qld on her purchase of the
embryo rights to Christoph Amethyst who has been rebred to Khouros for another mindblowing
Arabian WB foal due Oct next year. We look forward to this journey with you, and we know you will
be thrilled with your foal, if its siblings are anything to go by!
Chateau Gay Glehman has been sold to Targa Man of Cairns Qld, our special Shetland pony was
sold just prior to EI breaking and he is still with us! Hopefully the ban will be lifted this century so
this fella can be enjoyed by his new lil people! CONGRATS to Targa on the purchase of Magpie!
We hope you have many years of enjoyment from him as we have!
That wraps up this newsletter, we hope you enjoyed it!
Take care everyone and hope to see you in the New Year at SHOWS?????
Simone xx