hazardous elimination corp`s communication on progress

Hazardous Elimination Corp supports and incorporates the United Nations
Global Compact ten principles covering human rights, fair labor practices and the
environment into our daily operations.
Hazardous Elimination Corp, as outlined in our Equal Employment
Opportunity, Affirmative Action program and Code of Ethics, prohibits any form of
discrimination based on race, religion, gender or disability.
Hazardous Elimination Corp is a member of the Environmental Contractor’s
Association and in as much respects the sovereignty of association and the privilege
of collective bargaining.
Hazardous Elimination Corp shall ensure that no orders are placed with
vendors that employ unfair labor practices, that disregards child labor laws or
disrespect human rights in any approach.
Hazardous Elimination Corp, in conjunction with its ISO14001 protocol, is
committed to environmental assurance and the promotion of greater environmental
responsibility and “green” buildings. Our overall mission is to provide for the safety
of our work force, the public and the environment against controllable
contamination and pollutants. Environmental aspects that significantly impact our
society are continuously measured and monitored to expand our commitment to
environmental compliance. Our ISO14001 policies employ guidelines for seeking
renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, recycling products that are
deemed reusable and reducing waste consumption.
Hazardous Elimination Corp encourages the development and progression of
environmentally friendly technologies and prides itself on its willingness to be on the
forefront of technological advancement leading to environmental change.
Hazardous Elimination Corp Code of Ethics specifically outlines permissible
employee behavior. Corruption, extortion and bribery are not tolerated on any