Equipment Committee Meeting Minutes 05-01

Equipment Committee
Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order.
Sawyer Coleman, Peter Wade, Dave Robie, Carl Blondell, Ian Shamp,
Harold Schaetzle
Old Items:
Transfer Sheets / Draw Sheets – Peter Wade – A gel filled transfer sheet that is currently in
service with Waterville and Redington will be evaluated. The Price is around $200.00 per reusable unit.
This transfer device will not require the use of a slide board only a draw sheet on the patient.
Soft Restraints – Mike Senecal – Soft restraints are in and will be distributed to the bases for use.
Nitrox units – Sawyer Coleman- Will develop a draft nitrous unit and spare bottle log for the daily
truck check book. The draft sheet will be transferred to Carl for final revision formatting and distribution.
Upgrades to the LP 12 Fleet – Dave Robie- Three refurbished LP 12 units at a cost of
approximately $16000.00 each will be placed in the budget. The refurbished units will come with NIBP,
Capnography, Biphasic shock, Hi-Visibility display screen, and all other options currently featured on
our LP – 12 units. The old monitors will be distributed to replace the LP-11 units currently in use.
Cell Phone Upgrades – Unit 14 now has a booster in place and unit 8 will be done on 05-01-07
Radio Communications - New Motorola truck radios are being evaluated at this time.
Decon Items –Harold / Mike - EMS style purple Nitrile gloves – Samples of heavy-duty style gloves
from Kimberly Clark and a generic company have been considered. Prices for the gloves will be
determined and cases will be ordered.
New Items:
PIFT Kits – Mike S. – Three kits will be assembled and placed in the EMS room at the hospital
for use on PIFT transfers. The kits will contain the current Nurse drug guide, a calculator with pen
and paper, spare parts for use with hospital equipment such as 4 way stop cocks and suction parts
ect., and copies of the PIFT transfer form to be used on every call. Additional items may be placed
in the kit as deemed necessary.
Nurses Drug Guide – Mike S. – We will consult with the floor and ICU nurse staff to determine
which drug guide is favored and most user friendly.
LP – 12 Mounting bracket – A hard bracket will be priced for unit 14 and purchased due to
the mini truck configuration of that unit. All standard units will be checked for mounting bolts rather
than screws on the strap mounting bracket that currently secures the monitors. If screws are found
securing the bracket they are to be replaced with the proper size bolt.
Truck Maintenance – All units will now be transitioned to Michelin tires, as the old tires need
to be replaced. Trucks will be receiving wheel alignments when the new tires are installed and in
the spring after mud season. We will be more proactive about the front-end maintenance on the
trucks, if unusual tire wear is found it should be reported so service can be scheduled. Oil changes
should be done every 300 hrs and at the oil change the front end components should be inspected
and lubricated. Tire chains will now be removed in for the summer and installed again in the fall to
prolong their service life.
Next Meeting will be 6/5/2007 0900 Hrs on the FMH Farmington Campus – Stanley Room **
subject to change – look for E-Mail updates