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Social Services Department - Children & Family
Children's Mental Health
Getting Help
Definition of Severe Emotional
Disturbance (SED)
What is a Diagnostic
Who to Call for Help
Children's Mental Health &
Family Service Collaborative
Are You Worried About Your Child?
Parenting is not always easy, especially if your child has emotional or behavioral
challenges. It can be less difficult, however, if parents know how to find help for
themselves and their child.
All children go through rough times as they grow. They may have problems at
school, with friends, or at home. Often parents can successfully help and support
their children during these times.
The following signs, when experienced on a
sustained basis, may be reason for consulting with your child's doctor or a mental
health professional:
Frequent feelings of depression, unhappiness, or despair
Feelings of anxiety or significant mood swings
Frequent periods of confusion or forgetfulness
Lack of interest in family, friends, or activities he or she used to enjoy
Destruction of property
Difficulty with concentration in school work and other activities
Inability to make friends with other children
Angry, belligerent behavior
Getting Help
Eligibility for Children’s Mental Health services through Lake of the Woods County
Social Services will be determined based on the completion of a Diagnostic
Assessment. The assessment provides the basis for your child’s eligibility for
services with Lake of the Woods County.
Lake of the Woods County Social Services is dedicated to serving families in the
least restrictive setting by identifying appropriate community-based resources to
address the needs of our clients. Lake of the Woods County will provide eligible
clients with case management services. Participation in these services is voluntary.
The Minnesota Comprehensive Children’s Mental Health Act (1989), MN Stat.
245.487 to 245.4888, requires the county board to develop and coordinate a system
of locally available and affordable children’s mental health services. One of these
services is Case Management. The county board shall provide Case Management
services for each child with severe emotional disturbance (SED) who is a resident of
the county and the child’s family who request or consent to the services. (MN Stat.
245-4881. Subd. 1.
Definition of a Child with Severe Emotional Disturbance -- SED
(as specified in the Minnesota Comprehensive Children’s Mental Health Act, MN
Statute 245.4871, Subd. 6):
The child must be under 18; and
Have been admitted within the last three years, or is at risk of being
admitted, to an inpatient treatment or residential treatment for an emotional
disturbance; or
Be a Minnesota resident and receive inpatient treatment or residential
treatment for an emotional disturbance through the interstate compact; or
Have one of the following as determined by a mental health professional:
1. Psychosis or clinical depression; or
2. Be at risk of harming self or others as a result of an
emotional disturbance; or
3. Exhibit psychopathological symptoms as a result of being a
victim of physical or sexual abuse or of having experienced
psychic trauma within the past year; OR
The child, as a result of an emotional disturbance, has significantly
impaired home, school, or community functioning that has lasted at least one
year or that, in the written opinion of a mental health professional, presents
substantial risk of lasting a least one year.
The Diagnostic Assessment
A diagnostic assessment is defined as a written evaluation by a mental health
professional that includes:
 A child's current life situation and sources of stress, including reasons for
 The history of the child's current mental health problem or problems,
including important developmental incidents, strengths, and vulnerabilities.
 The child's current functioning and symptoms.
 The child's diagnosis including a determination of whether the child meets
the eligibility criteria listed above.
 The mental health services needed by the child. (MN Statute 245.4871,
Subd. 11)
Who Do I Call for Help?
To request an application for Children’s Mental Health Case Management, call Lake
of the Woods County Social Services at 218-634-2642. A Social Worker will talk with
you about your child’s needs and advise you of the application process for voluntary
county services.
You may also wish to consult with your school district's special education office for
information on special initiatives funded through the Lake of the Woods County
Children's Mental Health Collaborative.