Name: ______________________________ English Teacher _______________ Period __________
Title of Book: _________________________________________ Author of Book: ______________________
AR Pts: _________
Rating of book (1-10): ________ Your ZPD: ________ Book Grade Level: __________
Choose five words that you’ve never read before or that you are unfamiliar with. Using the context clues
surrounding it, define the word. Please include the page number that you found the word.
Directions: Choose five of the questions below to address in detail concerning the book that you read and
how the characters interacted throughout the story.
1. What is your subject’s most admirable quality?
2. What did you find to be the most interesting event in this book?
3. What event surprised you?
4. If this person impacted history, how would the world be different without his or her presence?
5. What did you learn about the time period in which the book is set that you did not previously know?
6. If you knew of the subject before, what new thing did you learn about this person.
Details-Include page numbers you used to answer the question
ACADEMIC HONESTY—By signing below, I am indicating that I read the book, and the information on this
page is accurate. Failure to be honest will result in receiving no points on this assignment.
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