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The Cape And Islands Orchid Society
Next Meeting: Sunday March 14,
FAIRGROUNDS, 1220 Nathan Ellis Hwy, (Rt. 151) East Falmouth, MA 02536 (White fences on North side of
Joanna Ekstrom
 “What’s my orchid telling me?”
Our esteemed fairy Godmother of the Orchid Judging Classification List will join the
Society to tell of what our plants are saying us about their lives and ills.
Joanna began her obsession 20 years ago largely via the New Hampshire Orchid Society of
which she is a life member, past President and Show Chair. Joanna has also been associated with
CAIOS, Ocean State OS, Mass. OS. and Central New England OS, as well as involved with Windward
OS(Honolulu) and AOS. To add to this she is an AOS judge and past Chair of the MOS Show at
Tower Hill, in Boylston Mass. Do come and hear how plants talk.
Husband Bob and Joanna have a small greenhouse in Wilton, NH and prefer vandaceous plants,
but as official Orchoholics they like all orchids.
At this meeting we will be celebrating several March Birthdays in our group. Our guest speaker Joanna Eckstrom,
and Tina Balog and Elizabeth Wolff were all born on March 13th, so we will have a spectacular cake created by Delicious
Desserts and famous chef Lisa Raffael, a three-time “Food Network Cake Challenge” medalist. Would Members A-L
please please our palates by other tasty confections. Raffle, Show & Tell Table, Books on Orchids, friends, talktime ??
Last Meeting: At the February meeting we had a great turnout of new members who joined at our
Orchid Show where we looked at a slide presentation on the Orchids of Guatemala! We had a lovely but modest
show table since many of the clubs blooming orchids were in New Hampshire at their annual show plus the following
week we participated in the Amherst Orchid Society Show held at the Smith Vocational High School in
Northampton, Ma.
New Hampshire Orchid Society Show: The weather smiled and CAIOS staged a “Rapture of
Orchids” display of pre-loaded baskets for ease of handling and won our share of ribbons. Thanks to Jack Martinelli
and Nancy Coutes and some other heroes for returning the plants to the Cape.
Amherst –By Pres. Tina:
“The 32 s.f. table top display had a Cape Cod beach theme and received a 3rd
place ribbon. Tom Gregg won the Best Oncidium Alliance in Show – Sponsored by Bill Hutchinson- Awarded to
Oda. Aissa McLaughlin ‘HOF #10’ (HOF=Hawaiian Orchid Farm). It had three huge flower sprays – a truly
impressive red! Tina thanks Cathy Fewore and Nancy Burtis for help grooming, labeling and setting up the display at
Amherst. I want to thank Tom Gregg, Eleanor and Richard Phillips for display plants , and again Jack & Nancy for
tear down help. It is a really nice show put on by some very good orchid growers!”
Boston: Just one more orchid event to go for the winter-spring season. The reincarnated Boston Flower
& Garden Show at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston!
We need your Help & Plants! For this All New England Orchid
Societies Exhibit- setup on Sunday March 21st & Monday March 22nd with tear down on
March 28th
you can help us set up the exhibit (will try to arrange carpools to Boston)
Have plants for the exhibit “A Feast for the Senses”
Can Staff the exhibit between March 24th & 28th between the hours of 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Please call Tina at 508 540-5006 -
AND Liz Wolff (S. Yarmouth, 508 760-2987) will be the
The Seaport World Trade Center is located at: 200 Seaport Blvd. Boston, MA 02210
Driving Directions
FROM Points West via I-90: Follow the Massachusetts Turnpike/Interstate 90 East to Exit 25 - South Boston. At the top
of the ramp, bear left towards Seaport Boulevard. At the first set of lights, proceed straight onto East Service Road. At the
next set of lights, take a right onto Seaport Boulevard. The Seaport Boulevard entrance to the Seaport Garage is located
ahead on the right.
FROM Points South via I-93: Heading northbound on I-93 towards Boston, take Exit 20, which will be immediately after
Exit 18. Follow the signs to "I-90 East." Take the first tunnel exit to "South Boston." At the first set of lights at the top of
the ramp, proceed straight onto East Service Road. At the next set of lights, take a right onto Seaport Boulevard. The
Seaport Boulevard entrance to the Seaport Garage will be ahead on the right.
FROM Logan International Airport and Route 1A South: Follow the signs towards I-90 West - Ted Williams Tunnel.
Take the Ted Williams Tunnel to Exit 25. At the top of the ramp proceed straight onto B Street. Follow B Street to the end
and take a right onto Seaport Boulevard. The Seaport Boulevard entrance to the Seaport Garage will be on your right.
Parking: There are a lot of options available in the area in the $9 – $12 range. For more info. try
Our April 11, 2010 meeting will be from Greg Butler - Oak Hill Gardens
“Beyond the Flower: Appreciating the Idiosyncrasies of Orchid Species”
Oak Hill has a great selection of plants available for purchase, so please place your order directly
from their great web page
Ordering plants directly saves you a lot of money on shipping and handling and you usually receive
the best plant available on the bench. Deadline for pre-ordering plants is April 6th at 3:00 p.m. Don’t
forget to note that you want any plants you ordered brought to CAIOS meeting on 4.11.2010.
NEAR WORCESTER. On First Saturdays of the month, at 10:30 AM for presentations. Noon lunch by brown bag or good
deli in nearby farmstand or cafeteria at Tower Hill. Afternoon, AOS Judging. Lovely Greenhouse and store also. You learn
a lot by listening + seeing quality plants critiqued by judges. Churchill St., N. off Rt. 290 nearly to end, on Rt, Free
Admission for OrchId Judging attendees.
For Sale: Wardian Case* – 4 ft cube. Sides and bottom are made of acrylic and top is made of
tempered glass. Includes, 2 sliding glass doors in front, external 400 watt high intensity grow light, 3 gal.
reservoir for watering, overhead spray, automatic timer system for turning lights, fan, humidifier, and spray
on/off. Includes 2 ft high 4 ft x 4 ft oak table with formica top. Shelf under tabletop to hold supplies. Fertilizer,
insecticide, or fungicide can be added to the spray water. Excess water drains into a 5 gal bucket. If interested
call Dick Phillips 508 525-2709 (*19th Century invention to transport delicate orchids from Tropics to Europe +
keep high humidity plants happy, Nathaniel Ward 1829, England)
American Orchid Society News! From the desk of Ron McHatton - Director of Education
and Chief Operating Officer
Oncidium ornithorhynchum Kunth – a case of mistaken identity
The orchid horticultural world has many examples
of plants that end up widespread in cultivation under one or more misnomers. This usually comes about because a species
is described independently by two different taxonomists without knowledge of the other. Such is the case with Cattleya
tigrina, known most commonly in cultivation under the newer name Cattleya leopoldii or Cattleya guttata var. leopoldii.
However, once in a while, we find familiar species that are victims of completely mistaken identity.So it appears is the case
with that plant most of us have either grown or currently grow – Oncidium ornithorhynchum. This plant figures
prominently in hybridizing in the oncidium alliance with some 80 primary hybrids including the popular Oncidium Twinkle
as well as provides the source of the fragrance in the chocolate-scented, ever popular, Oncidium Sharry Baby.
While it’s true that what we grow with the name Oncidium ornithorhynchum is from Mexico and Central
America, pink and, to most people, wonderfully fragrant – it isn’t Oncidium ornithorhynchum. Jimenez and Hagsater,
working in Central American orchidaceae have determined that the taxon described as Oncidium ornithorhynchum is
actually a South American species distributed from Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, and synonymous with Oncidium
pyramidale Lindl.; a typically yellow and brown-flowered species. The pink-flowered species we all grow is formally
undescribed. In Lankesteriana 9(3) (January 2010), they formally describe this species from Mexico and Central America
as Oncidium sotoanum R. Jimenez & Hagsater and an additional subspecies Oncidium sotoanum ssp. papalosmum R.
Jimenez, known only from the Mexican states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, is described. The specific epithet (pronounced soetoe-ANN-uhm) honors the recently deceased Miguel Angel Soto Arenas, respected around the world for his work in orchids
of Mexico.
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Correspondence (and Acclamatory VP in charge of Serendipity) Tom Gregg, 26 Pond Rd. Falmouth, MA 02540
Membership renewals for the Feb 2010 - Jan 2011 CAIOS Member fiscal year are due.
All members who have not renewed since Oct 1, 2009, are requested to send $20.00,
The benefits of membership include:
 A Monthly Newsletter
 Members receive free admission to the annual CAIOS Show
 Monthly meetings from September – June provide an opportunity to learn about orchids, their care and
culture. Topics are varied, and guest speakers sometimes investigate a particular orchid in remote area
of the world or a particular method of culture. Most of us are Beginners!
 Meet second Sunday of each month – see for Specific date and meeting topic
 Second Sundays @ 1:30 p.m. @ the Administration Building of the Barnstable County Fairground (1220
Nathan Ellis Hwy.) on Route 151 in East Falmouth, MA 02536
Questions about CAIOS call Tina @ 508 540-5006 or Tom 508 540-2054
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The NHOS Theme: The Rapture of Orchids
To enrapture:
THE RAPTURE OF ORCHIDS: ecstasy: a state of being
carried away by overwhelming emotional ATTACHMENT
-after Charles Dickins