NEW! EFT Level One Institute for Graduate Students May 2 – 5

NEW! EFT Level One Institute for Graduate Students
May 2 – 5, 2011
Rm 163 Behavioral Science Building
York University – Keele Campus
The Emotion-focused Therapy Clinic affiliated with York University Psychology Clinic is
pleased to announce the launching of an intensive Emotion-focused training Institute designed
specifically for graduate students. This 4 day Institute will give registrants solid grounding in the
skills required to work more directly with emotions in psychotherapy. The focus of the program
will be experiential, learning how to produce change in core emotional structures. Participants
receive in depth skill training through a combination of brief lectures, video demonstrations, live
modeling, case discussion and supervised role-playing practice.
More specifically participants will:
 Receive an overview of the theoretical basis for EFT
 Learn about adaptive and maladaptive emotional processes
 Identify in-session markers underlying particular emotional processing difficulties
 Develop skills (e.g., chair work) for reducing fear, avoidance, and shame, and working
with anger at violation and sadness at loss.
Institute Trainers:
Dr. Alberta Pos
Alberta Pos is presently an assistant professor in the Adult Clinical stream in the department of
psychology at York University in Toronto. She has been involved in training EFT therapists for
over a decade, including international trainings, and has acted in a supervisory capacity for
training EFT therapists as well. Dr. Pos was a therapist in several research trials on EFT,
including EFT RCTs for depression, and for emotional injury for both individuals and couples.
She also continues to, and has done process research on EFT and has written a number of
chapters and papers on EFT with Dr. Les Greenberg. Having also been trained in CBT and
Dialectical Behavior Therapy for borderline personality disorder, she is interested in, applying
and adapting EFT for personality disorders, particularly avoidant, borderline and narcissistic
Dr. Sandra Paivio
Sandra Paivio is one of the developers of emotion-focused therapy particularly applied to
complex relational trauma (EFTT). She is an internationally recognized scholar, therapist, and
trainer, and an invited member of the American Psychological Association (APA, Division 56)
committee developing best practice guidelines for complex trauma.
Dr. Paivio is author of numerous publications, conference presentations, and workshops on
psychotherapy and problems related to trauma. She is co-author (with Les Greenberg) of
Working with Emotion in
Psychotherapy and author (with Antonio Pascual-Leone) of a recent book, Emotion-Focused
Therapy for Complex Trauma, published by APA.
Registration Fees:
$650.00 with valid student ID number (student members of YUPC receive a 20% discount)
Registration can be secured with a $100.00 non-refundable deposit. Final payment will be
required by April 15, 2011
Registration will be limited to 24 students