Acceptable Use Policy - Gloucestershire County Council

Acceptable Use Policy
guidelines for Users
1.1 - This policy sets out the acceptable use of the Gloucestershire
Archives User Forum on the Gloucestershire County Council (GCC)
2. - Acceptable Use
2.1 - By placing a message on the Gloucestershire Archives User
Forum you are wholly responsible for the message for the duration of
its time on the website. Additionally you are required to take full
responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the information provided.
2.2 - Only messages related to personal research interests or feedback
on services provided will be accepted.
2.3 – The Gloucestershire Archives User Forum is for personal, noncommercial use only.
2.4 – Anyone may post a message to this forum.
2.5 - You must obtain permission before giving someone else’s contact
2.6 - Although GCC accepts no responsibility for the content of
messages, we expect users to ensure the accuracy of the message.
2.7 - The placing of messages on the Gloucestershire Archives User
Forum is conducted entirely at your own risk. GCC cannot accept
responsibility for any contact made as a result of information posted on
the website.
2.8 - Complaints arising from inaccurate messages can not be
forwarded to the author, however GCC may remove the original
2.9 - GCC will periodically review all notices and remove any which, in
our opinion, are out-of-date, or which contravene this Acceptable Use
3. - Not Permitted
3.1 - GCC will not tolerate messages that contravene current
legislation. These or other notices, which in the opinion of GCC may
breach legislation, will be removed.
3.2 - Notices that may be illegal, offensive, libellous, pornographic,
obscene, defamatory, intimidating, intentionally misleading or disruptive
to GCC or may bring GCC into disrepute will not be approved. This
includes, but is not limited to, sexual comments or images, nudity,
racial slurs, or anything that would offend someone on the basis of their
age, gender, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, national
origin or disability.
3.3 - While GCC endeavours to ensure that any such material is
blocked/deleted at the earliest opportunity, we accept no liability for any
loss, damage, injury or offence arising from the presence of any such
material on the site.
3.4 - The advertising of a business is strictly prohibited and will be
deleted without notice. No self-promotion will be accepted.
3.5 - GCC reserves the right to publish, edit, remove or not publish any
material posted or submitted by any user, without providing any
explanation. In all decisions relating to the inclusion or exclusion of
material posted or submitted, the Web Manager's decision is final.
4. - Disclaimer
4.1 - The Gloucestershire Archives User Forum is provided on an "as
is" basis and shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person
or organisation with respect to any loss or damage arising from
information or the use of information contained in this website or arising
in connection with any related activity.
4.2 - Any information or advice given on the Gloucestershire Archives
User Forum is meant for your general convenience only and you are
held responsible for determining whether such information or advice
applies to your particular situation. The information and advice should
not be relied upon as statements or representations of facts. No
guarantee is given as to the accuracy of any information given.
4.3 - GCC tries to make sure information contained in this website is as
accurate as possible but no warranty or fitness is implied. GCC does
not vouch for those persons, companies or other organisations whose
goods or services may be displayed or referred to on this website, nor
for the availability, suitability or prices of such goods and services.