R. Gary Hartz - SHRM Guam Chapter

Guam Community College is a leader
in Career and Technical Workforce
Development, providing the highest
quality, student-centered education
and job training for Micronesia.
 Postsecondary
 Secondary
 Summer
degree/certificate programs
programs in GDOE high schools
Work Experience program
 Apprenticeship
 Continuing
Education opportunities
 Input
via GCC Advisory Committees
 Feedback
regarding graduates’ performances
 Identification
of additional ways to meet
employer needs
 Posting
of available positions on the GCC web site:
 Available
on “Student Job Announcements” page:
 Complete
the form and e-mail to:
[email protected]
 Remember
to inform GCC when positions are filled
Please contact me at:
or call 735-5495
Thank you for your important work, your time,
and your attention!
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