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Olympian, Cancer Survivor & Mother, Shannon Miller Endorses StemCyte
Miller Choosing to Save Cord Blood for Second Child with Industry Leader, StemCyte
Covina, CA, February 20, 2013 – StemCyte, Inc. proudly announces the endorsement of World
and Olympic Champion United States gymnast, ovarian cancer survivor and mother, Shannon
Miller. Shannon and her husband chose StemCyte to bank their first child Rocco’s umbilical cord
blood stem cells, and they are once again turning to StemCyte as they anticipate the arrival of
their second child, this summer.
Cord blood stem cells are potential cures for over 80 illnesses, including cancers, blood disorders,
immune and genetic diseases, and they continue be a key focus in regenerative medicine research
efforts. StemCyte continues to educate expectant parents about the value of banking their child’s
umbilical cord blood stem cells and are pleased to have Shannon’s name added to the growing list
of inspirational individuals, who assist in this worthwhile endeavor.
“My role as a parent is second to none in my life. As a mother, athlete and cancer survivor, I
realize making smart, healthy choices in life makes all the difference. My husband and I knew
banking our son, Rocco’s, cord blood was the right decision, and we know it’s the right decision
for our second child,” said Shannon Miller. “StemCyte is the gold standard among cord blood
banks, and the clear choice for us once again.”
“First and foremost, we want to congratulate Shannon on her victory over cancer and the news of
her pregnancy. We are so very proud to have Shannon, a true champion in sports and life, choose
our services again,” said the President, Commercial Operations North America. “Shannon
reinforces the value of a healthy , educated approach to life and the future of family. StemCyte’s
and Shannon’s values are a perfect match. Together, our mission is to educate expectant parents
to support their family’s health by storing life-giving umbilical cord stem cells, should they be
needed to help fight serious illness in the future.”
###About StemCyte, Inc.
Located in the US, India and Taiwan, StemCyte has established one of the largest, most racially
diverse, and highest quality cord blood stem cell banks in the world. StemCyte has supplied over
1,800 cord blood units to treat over 80 life-threatening diseases in over 300 transplant centers
worldwide. StemCyte is actively involved in the development of new umbilical cord blood-based
cell therapies, supporting the largest clinical study for using unrelated cord blood transplantation
for Thalassemia, one of the most common genetic diseases in the world, and the development of
trials investigating regenerative spinal cord therapies. StemCyte is one of the only for-profit
companies contracted by the US Department of HHS to help contribute clinical grade cord blood
units to the public National Cord Blood Inventory for unrelated transplants. Its headquarters are
in Covina, California. To learn more visit www.StemCyte.com.
1589 W. Industrial Park Street, Covina, CA 91722 | 626.646.2500 | StemCyte.com