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GroESL genes in thermophilic bacteria, mainly Chlorobium
The whole genome of C. tepidum has been sequenced and is available on the net.
GroESL is transcribed as one operon, and the organism probably has only one of
these, GroESL1.
Analyses of interest:
Phylogeny: similarities between GroESL from chlorobium, chloroflexus and other
thermophilic bacteria. Does GroESL from thermophilic organisms differ in any
consistent way from GroESL from other bacteria?
Genome: Identify regulatory regions for the genes and the corresponding genes.
Find similar regions (GroESL2) elsewhere in the genome and look at differences
between the operons
Compare the various Hsp genes in c. tepidum.
Protein: structural analyses, hydrophilic/hydrophobic areas, conserved/not conserved
regions. Homology with GroESL2 proteins. Homologues in other organisms
DNA: PCR Primer design: Species specific primers and consensus primers that can be
used across species.
Practical suggestions for cloning of the genes (host organisms, cloning strategies,
suitable restriction sites, expression analysis