Multi-Family Recycling Leter

(Complex Name) has a New Recycling Program!
Dear Resident,
A new State of California law (AB341) requires all business, apartments and
condominiums) to recycle. (Complex Name) must comply with the law, and wants
to be environmentally responsible. In order to do this, we set up a new recycling
program for our residents.
You will see a recycling container (next to the trash/ in the trash enclosure.) The
containers are well marked with recycling signage.
Plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, newspaper, etc can be placed in the new
recycling container. Please see the back of this letter for a more detail list of
recyclable materials. All this recyclable materials must be clean and can be
placed together in the recycling container. It’s all commingled!
Please don’t place plastic bags in the recycle container. You can recycle your
plastic bags at your grocery store.
Don’t place garbage, hazardous waste or any other items that are not listed
as recyclable materials.
Remember, by recycling more you will not only help the local environment but the
global environment. Recycling saves resources and energy, reduces pollution
and greenhouse gas emissions, and creates jobs.
If you have any questions about the complex’s recycling program, you may
contact me at (phone number/or e-mail address).
(Complex Name) is happy to be able to offer this program to our residents and
help make the environment in (Fairfield/Suisun) a cleaner place.
Property Manager
See reverse side for items that can be recycled
It’s Easy to Recycle!
Place these items in your recycling container
Mixed Paper
Paper must be clean
 Carbonless paper
 Manila folders
 Books (paper-back)
 Newspaper and
 Magazines
Containers empty; rinsed; with chasing arrows
#1 - #7; lids, caps OK. Please rinse plastic
 Bleach bottles
 Milk jugs
 Catalogs
 Paper packaging
with remnant tape
 Junk mail
 Baby wipe
 Detergent bottles
 Prescription bottles,
 Salad dressing
 Cereal Boxes
 office paper
 Colored and
construction paper
 Paper(adhesive/po
 CRV beverage
 Buckets with or
without handles
 Shampoo and
conditioner bottles
 Tub containers (yogurt,
cottage cheese)
 Copy paper
 Paper bags
 Food containers
 Fruit basket
 Envelopes with
plastic windows
 Paper towel and
toilet paper tubes
 Household
 Water jugs
 Detergent boxes
 Boxes, packages
 Envelopes with
metal clasps
 Egg cartons
 Shredded paper,
 Coupons
 Telephone books
 Frozen food
Rinsed, all colors/lids, caps OK.
 Bottles
 Containers
 CRV beverage
 Jars
 Aerosol cans, empty
 Aluminum foil, clean
 Aluminum Cans
 Cookie sheets
 Cookware
 Tin cans
 CRV beverage
 Aluminum pie
 Food cans/ clean
 Pet food cans
 Steel cans
 Ceramics
 Window glass
 Food Waste
 Hazardous Waste
Including batteries,
motor oil, paint,
Fluorescent light bulbs,
solvents, and cleaners
 Mirrors
 Tyvek (overnight
 Diapers
 Styrofoam
 Plastic bags
 Carbon paper
 Pizza boxes
 E-waste including
appliances, TV’s
cell phones, computers
 Packing paper
 Plastic Toys