The seventh screen of actors with skin conditions

The seventh screen of actors with skin conditions
Marky Mark's non-prosthetic organ
Star of critically acclaimed film, "Boogie Nights," actor/rapper "Markie" Mark
Wahlberg's career is on an upswing. While the appearance of a prosthetic appendage in the
movie has raised controversy, here is a real appendage that no one is talking about. This
small lesion just below his normal nipple, is an extra or accessory nipple. Present from
birth, these often are found in the same vertical line as normal nipples. Both men and
women have them and can sometimes have them on both sides. Other than cosmetic issues,
there is usually no reason to remove them.
For you conspiracy theorists who doubt this finding, here is another example. Though not
highlighted in "Boogie Nights," Wahlberg's extra nipple can be seen in that movie as well.
DPN's are benign
growths that commonly
develop on the faces of
people with African or
Hispanic backgrounds.
Several male actors have
them, but it is rare to find
them on actresses. A
notable exception is
academy award
nominated Marianne
Jean-Baptiste of "Secrets
and Lies." This
outstanding British actress
has not had these lesions
Another successful actress with facial lesions:
Elizabeth Hurley. While in glamour photos,
makeup and lighting are used to convey a clear
complexion, a candid photo reveals acne scars on
Hurley's cheeks. Bravo that a woman with acne
scars is super-modeling, and starring and
producing films. You go, gal!
Ray Liotta
Dennis Farina
Laurence Fishburne
Speaking of acne scars: Liotta, Farina, Fishburne have not had their careers hindered by
them. In fact, all have portrayed romantic and heroic leading men.
Adult acne does not have to cause scarring to be a nuisance. Actor
John Malkovich is an example of active comedones (closed pores) seen
in the film "Mary Reilly." Many treatments are available for both
adult and teenage acne.
When is it not so bad to be bald?
Ving Rhames
"Mission Impossible"
Mario Van Peebles
Michael Jordan (with hirsute
Bugs Bunny)
"Space Jam"
Hair loss also does not have to be a liability. In particular, African American actors can
merely shave their thinning hair and are still considered virile and attractive. Why this is
more the case with black men than those of other races might make a good "Freeze
Frame" discussion. Watch for it! What not to watch: lame films like "Solo." Better luck
next time, Mario.
And on the subject of hair loss, superstar Whoopie Goldberg shows
two forms. First, she has a receding frontal hairline (usually from use
of tight corn row braids). She also has no eyebrow hair. While people
with alopecia areata can lose eyebrows and eyelashes, the word from
the internet is that Whoopie plucks her eyebrows. Why? Because as a
busy actress and comedienne, she can.
Action star Steve McQueen
Action director John Woo
Ac-tor Robert
Men with moles: DeNiro, McQueen prove that men can be beauty marked too. In addition,
Hong Kong director Woo ("Face/off") is seen behind the camera with a blue colored mole
on the bridge of his nose. Pigment appears blue when it is located deep in the dermis. This
is common in those with an Asian background.
Finally, a quick discussion of collagen. Many actors and actresses likely receive collagen
treatments to minimize wrinkling. Actress Barbara Hershey is singled out here because the
collagen used to enhance her lips was widely publicized and spread the word about this safe
cosmetic procedure. Bovine collagen is injected under wrinkles to even the skin contour.
Other than a risk of allergy to the material (skin testing prior to treatment is
recommended), injections are safe, well tolerated, with nearly immediate results. Of course,
sun protection to prevent wrinkles is a good idea, but if needed, collagen is available.
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