Suggested amendments to Code of practice for network

CLI-IG CP (00) 002
Suggested amendments to Code of practice for network operators in relation
to customer line identification display services and other related services (2nd
para 1.3 (2nd bullet): amend to "… the requirements of Data Protection Acts and The
Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy ) Regulations are met"
para 2.1: insert after first sentence "These are the operators that appear on the OFTEL list of
Operators deemed to have rights and obligations to interconnect pursuant to Annex II of the
Interconnection Directive. (The obligations of operators that do not appear on this list, and of
other service providers, are governed by a separate CoP for service providers)."
para 2.3: add to end of sentence " […GSM networks…], run by operators on the Annex II
para 2.5: replace by new paragraph "The operation of this CoP does not affect the ability of networks (both public and private) to
use customer line identity information for network and/or account management purposes and,
in co-operation with the relevant authorities, for emergency calls and the tracing of malicious
calls and similar activities. However, the privileged access that public network operators have
to customers’ CLIs, whether or not CLI Restriction has been invoked, may only be used
where the use of this information is essential to the provision of a telecommunications
service. Such access should be restricted to those network operator staff to whom it is
essential for any of the above purposes. Network operators will respect the privacy of calling
customers who have invoked CLIR by not exploiting their CLIs for telemarketing or any
commercial purpose other than billing."
para 6.16: replace existing Note 3 by "A presentation number may be type 1 which is network provided (NP), type 2 which is user
provided, verified and passed (UPVP) or type 3 which is user provided not verified (UPNV)."
para 7.2.2: replace second note by "Premium rate numbers are those numbers that are either prefixed 090 or 091 or will migrate
to those prefixes."
para 7.2.2: replace third bullet by "the presentation number shall either (i) be allocated to a party or its affiliated companies
who has been allocated, and remains allocated, the same national dialling sequence as a
Network Number or (ii) be allocated to a third party and remains allocated, who has
consented in writing, and has not withdrawn that consent, to its use for display purposes by
the first party."