2003-2004 Sabbatical Proposal as Accepted by MVNU`s

2003-2004 Sabbatical
Ronald Bolender
Statement of Purpose
The purpose of this sabbatical is fourfold. First, to gain a broader understanding as to
how Christian higher education can impact the field of community development.
Second, develop a holistic approach to preparing students to serve in this area. Third,
create a direct connection between the concept of service learning and the field of
community development. Fourth, a strategy and plan to enhance community
development and add in the service learning component will be developed.
Plan of Project Proposed
The areas of community development, higher education (Christian and secular),
and service learning will be researched. This will involve reviewing the literature
of these areas. Literature will include professional journals, professional books,
and credible Internet sources. The purpose of this stage of the project is to
understand the breath and depth of resources related to this project.
The research stage provides a framework from which the investigator will
determine what areas are worthy of in depth reading and reflection. Research
often provides breath by skimming, reading will provide depth.
Researching and reading will provide sources to explore. Exploration might
include models from other organizations. Real world application and networking
contacts might be drawn from these activities.
Blending the investigator’s extensive experience and understanding of MVNU
along with researching, reading, and exploring—a strategy will be developed.
The purpose of this strategy is to guide MVNU toward enhancing the community
development track within sociology and to incorporate at the major level and
possibly at the institutional level, service learning.
In addition to a strategy, certain components may need to be developed to
affectively enhance community development as a track in the sociology major
and/or service learning. Some components may be beyond the scope of this type
of sabbatical and might require additional time and/or resources.
2003-2004 Sabbatical Leave Proposal for Ronald Bolender
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The intention of the sabbatical is to create an enhancement that can be
implemented at MVNU. With appropriate approval, implementation will begin
during the 2004-2005 academic year.
Benefits of the Proposed Project
Courses such as SOC1023G Social Problems and SOC4044 Sociological
Theory will be enhanced by this project in the areas of content and
broader understanding of the real world applications. One goal is that
many courses within sociology will be positively impacted by this
sabbatical project.
Scholarship will be enhanced by the process of researching, reading, and
exploring. In terms of tangible evidences of scholarship, an up-to-date
account will be posted at www.bolender.com for the purpose of review by
the Faculty Development Committee members, other faculty members,
and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. A strategy (including various
components) resulting from this project will be tangible evidence of
As an advisor, students will benefit by a broader understanding of
resources, organizations, real world applications, and network
connections for possible career opportunities in community development.
The connection of service learning and career opportunities will be directly
connected in the advising process.
University Service
The motto of MVNU is “To seek to learn is to seek to serve.” The service
learning component of this project has the potential to provide a means to
directly enhance the learning experience of MVNU’s students.
Plan of Intention for Spiritual Restoration
As part of the process of researching, reading, and exploring, the Christian concepts of
community development and service learning will be reflectively considered. Reflections
will be meditative, scriptural, and historical.
Length of Sabbatical
The length of proposed Sabbatical is from July 1, 2003 through June 30, 2004. This
sabbatical will impact ONLY the sociology portion of the teaching load. The BBA portion
of the teaching load will remain intact.
2003-2004 Sabbatical Leave Proposal for Ronald Bolender
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Adjustment of Courses for 2003-2004
In a normal alternate year sequence, the following courses would be taught by Dr.
SOC1023G Social Problems Fall 2003
SOC1023G Social Problems Spring 2004
SOC4044 Sociological Theory Fall 2003
SOC4073 Community Development Spring 2004
Dr. Doug Kennard and Professor Colleen Bryan are assisting Dr. Bolender in adjusting
and/or finding credible adjunct faculty to cover this teaching load for the 2003-2004
academic year.
Barszcz, M., Khatun, S., Martinetti, A., Norwood, M., Rondina, D., & Thomsen, D.
(2001). Community bound. Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.
Cox, D. N. (2000). Developing a framework for understanding university-community
partnerships. Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research, 5(1), 926.
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universities can do for the economy, the workplace, and the community. San
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2003-2004 Sabbatical Leave Proposal for Ronald Bolender
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