Unique Investment Opportunity For a once off investment of as little

Unique Investment Opportunity
For a once off investment of as little as $5k you can own your first 2 Stud Charolais Cattle. This cost
includes transport and pregnancy costs. You are required to do nothing after that except sit back and watch
your investment grow.
You always own the cattle including all annually calved offspring. You will sign a contract with us and
become part of the beef cattle industry.
We then buy your top quality breeding females and keep them at our property. We feed, vaccinate, drench,
artificially inseminate and pregnancy test them every year. We use semen from the best Australian and
overseas Stud bulls to produce stud quality offspring.
Female calves become part of your herd and your numbers grow.
Bull calves are grown to approximately 2 years of age and sold as Stud sires for other Charolais breeders
or commercial beef farmers. Charolais are the best beef cattle in the world.
The bull sale $ are paid each year after the sale. Remember, it takes 2 years to grow a bull.
You will soon own many cattle. But you can opt out or cash in your investment for a substantial profit any
time after the initial 3 years.
Here is an example of the returns available from investing in stud breeding cattle.
If you were to invest $5k initially and want to opt out in the fourth year, you could take the cash out figure of
almost $20k and would have already received $2k from the previous year’s bull sales, in the 6th year $38k
plus bull sales of $10k and in the 12th year $263k and $92k from sales.
Now you’re making a living !
How else can you turn $5k into over 1/4 of a million in 12 years?
For more info contact us via email, [email protected]
or phone me anytime, Glen Walker on 0408600631.
How many cows do you want to own?
Buy more and make more profits !