tube dilution

1. In a serial dilution you do a dilution by combining 1 unit volume of solute plus 7 unit
volumes of solvent. What is the dilution factor? What fold is the dilution?
2. An independent dilution series of 2N HCl solution is to be done. The dilution ratios
are 1/5, 1/10, and 1/50. Give the concentration of HCl in each of the three tubes after
the dilutions are complete.
3. A fivefold dilution of serum in saline is performed. If three dilutions are done:
a. What is the tube dilution of each tube?
b. What is the solution dilution of each tube?
c. Give the concentration of serum in each tube
4. If you prepare a 1/40 dilution of a 50% solution, what is the final
concentration of the solution?
5. If you prepare a 1/10 dilution of a 10 mg/mL solution, what is the final
concentration of the solution?
6. A 5% NaCl solution is diluted 1/5 and then rediluted 1/10. What is the final
solution dilution? What is the final concentration of the solution in the last tube?
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