Post-Secondary Education Checklist - ELSA5AA

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Student Checklist – Level 5
Post-Secondary Education
There are good options for post-secondary education in BC. In this topic, you will learn about
BC’s post-secondary education system and get the information you need to make choices about
continuing your education.
Learning tasks
I can give a presentation comparing post-secondary options in BC with those in
my home country.
I can express my opinion in a group discussion about issues related to postsecondary education, e.g. tuition fees, student loans, program options.
I can listen to a presentation about a post-secondary school and identify
programs or courses I am interested in.
I can conduct online research to learn more about colleges and universities in
I can write an e-mail to a local post-secondary school to ask a question or make
an appointment, e.g. a meeting with a program advisor.
I can fill out a form required by a post-secondary school, e.g. an application or
financial aid form.
I can plan a program of study using a college or university calendar.
At the end of every unit, please review the checklist and be ready to discuss what you have
learned in the unit. Talk about:
What learning was most important to me?
What learning surprised me?
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