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Alexander G. Timofeev
Curriculum Vitae
Mailing address:
Apt. 701, build. 2, 95, Leninskii ave, St. Petersburg 198330, Russia.
Date of Birth:
August 30, 1961.
PhD, Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskii Dom), Russian
Academy of Sciences
PhD Candidate, Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskii Dom),
Russian Academy of Sciences, «Kuzmin's Notebooks: Some
Aspects of Biography and Creative Work» (dissertation topic).
Leningrad State University, Department of History of Russian
Literature, diploma dissertation «"The Comedies" of M. A. Kuzmin
and Their Sources: The Mechanism of Intertextual Interrelations»
(recommended for publication).
Work experience:
2005 – present Senior Researcher, Department of Studies of the Russian Periodicals
Published Outside Russia, Library-Foundation «Outside Russia», Moscow.
2000 – present
Senior Researcher, The National Pushkin Museum, Editorial Board,
St. Petersburg.
Guest Lecturer, University of Rome – III, Istituto Universiario
Orientale (Dipartimento di Studi dell'Europa Orientale) and
University of Siena, Italy.
Assistant Professor, University of L'Aquila, Italy.
Guest Lecturer, University of L'Aquila and University of Salerno,
Fae Rawdon Norris Visiting Professor in the Humanities, Oklahoma
State University, Stillwater, USA.
Editor, INApress Publishers, St. Petersburg.
Archivist, Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskii Dom),
Manuscript Department, St. Petersburg.
Professional Affiliations:
American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European
Languages (AATSEEL), current member
1997–present St. Petersburg Writers' Union.
Foreign Travel:
USA (J1 Scholar). Fae Rawdon Norris Lecturer, Oklahoma State University
Finland & Sweden (Resident at the Baltic Centre for Writers and
Translators, Visby, Gotland, Sweden).
Italy (Lecturer). University of L’Aquila.
Italy (Assistant Professor). University of Rome - III; University of Siena;
University of Salerno; University of L’Aquila.
USA (J1 Scholar). Oklahoma Humanities Council/Oklahoma State
(in Russian)
A. Books
1. Kuzmin M. Arena: Selected poems / Instruction, compilation, textual preparation and
commentaries by A. G. Timofeev. Saint Petersburg: Severo-Zapad, 1994. (“Library of
Russian Classical Literature. 1000 years of Russian literature) – 497 pp.)
2. Miller, Henry. Black Spring. Translation from the English and Afterword by Aleksandr G.
Timofeev; Biographical sketch by Larisa Zhitkova. Series: Flowers of Evil. SaintPetersburg: INA-Press, 1994. 264 pp.)
3. Kuzmin M. Theater: In four volumes (in two books) / Compilation, textual preparation,
introduction and commentaries by A.G. Timofeev; Edited by V. Markov and G. Cheron.
“Modern Russian Literature and Culture: Studies and Texts”, vols. 30-31. Oakland, Ca.:
Berkeley Slavic Specialties, 1994-1995. 418 pp.)
4. Kuzmin M. Prose. Vol. 10. Critical Prose. Book 1. Compilers N. Bogomolov, O. Korostelev,
V. Markov, A. Timofeev, G. Cheron; Edited by V. Markov and G. Cheron. “Modern Russian
Literature and Culture: Studies and Texts”, vol. 38. Oakland: Berkeley Slavic Specialities, 1997.
298 pp.
5. Kuzmin, M. Prose. Vol. 11. Critical prose. Book 2 / Compilers N. Bogomolov, O. Korostelev,
V. Markov, A. Timofeev and G. Sheron; Edited by V. Markov, A. Timofeev and G. Cheron.
“Modern Russian Literature and Culture: Studies and Texts”, vol. 39. Oakland, Ca.: Berkeley
Slavic Specialities, 2000. 424 pp.
6. Kuzmin M. Prose. Vol. 12. Critical Prose. Book 3 / Compilers N. Bogomolov, O. Korostelev,
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Literature and Culture: Studies and Texts”, vol. 40. Oakland: Berkeley Slavic Specialties, 2000.
256 pp.
7. Miller Henry. Black Spring / Translation from English by A. G. Timofeev, edited by Larisa
Zhitkova, afterword by A.G. Timofeev. Saint Petersburg: Azbuka-klassika, 2003. 252 pp.
(in Russian)
8. “The polemical context of certain ‘Remarks about Russian prose’]” // [Mikhail Kuzmin and
Russian Culture of the XX century: Abstracts and Materials of the Conference 15-17 May, 1990.
Leningrad, 1990. P. 50–56.
9. “Strolls without Goule? (Toward a history of the organization of the M.A. Kuzmin in May
1924” // Ibid. . P. 178–196.
10. Mikhail Kuzmin and the Publishing Firm “Petropolis”: (New materials on the history of
“Russian Berlin”)] //. Russian Literature. 1991. № 1. P. 189–204.
11. “Memory” and “archaeology”-“restoration” in the poetry and passionate criticism of M.A.
Kuzmin] // Research Notes of Tartu State University. Issue 881. Blok Collection. Vol. 10. Blok
and Russian symbolism: problems and text and genre. Tartu, 1990 (1991). P. 101–115.
12. An unpublished play by M.A. Kuzmin “The Nightingale” / Introduction and publication
by A. G. Timofeev] // Russian Literature. 1991. № 4. P. 167–183.
13. Kuzmin M. Cat in boots: A tale for the puppet theater in three acts. Was “Cat in Boots”
barefoot? // International Word (SPb). 1992. № 2. P. 37–41.
14. Kuzmin M. Happy Day or Two Brothers: Play in Three Acts and a Prologue / Publication,
textual preparation and notes by A. G. Timofeev] // New Literary Review. 1993. № 3. P. 5–25.
15. Unpublished Poems by M. Kuzmin from the Second Half of the 1900s] / Introduction and
publication by A. G. Timofeev // Ibid. P. 120–129.
16. Manuscript from a Publication: New Materials on the history of a Soviet Palimpsest. //.
Literary Review. 1993. № 1–2. P. 111–112.
17. Kuzmin M. Maidens Entertaining: A Comic Opera in Three Acts and Five Tableaux /
Publication, textual preparation and commentaries] // Literary Review. 1993. № 11–12. С. 76–
90. [Written with P. V. Dmitriev].
18. The M.A. Kuzmin Materials in the Manuscript Department of Pushkin House // Yearbook
of the Manuscript Department of Pushkin House for 1990. Saint Petersburg.: Humanitarian
Agency: Academic Project], 1993. P. 17–36.
19. Kuzmin M. Poems, Plays. Correspondence / Publication by A.G. Timofeev] // Ibid. P. 37–
20. Publication and textual preparation “Preface to the Translation by V. A. Verter of
“Kingdom of Water” by Henri de Regnier] // Ренье Анри, де. Regnier Henri de. The Jasper
Cane. The Lacquered Tray. Poems. Compiled by M. Chugorina and A. Balakin (Poems).
Articles: A. Smirnov, M. Kuzmin and V. Sharygin]. Saint Petersburg.:Severo-Zapad, 1993. P.
425–426. (Works [Vol.] V. Works. Vol. V. Ladies’ Library. Series: “Cameos”]).
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Petersburg.: Humanitarian Agency: “Academic Project”, 1994. P. 52–62.
29. Kuzmin M. Devil in Love / Publication by A. G. Timofeev] // Ibid. P. 202–208.
30. Letter to the editor: A Mixture of Languages] // New Literary Review. 1995. № 14. P.
31. Introductory article to the bibliography of M. Kuzmin’s critical prose] // De visu (М.).
1994 [1995]. № 5–6. P. 94–96.
32. Bibliography of the critical prose of M. A. Kuzmin] // Ibid. С. 96–112. – (Written with
P. V. Dmitriev).
33. Totally different sun from the past: Mikhail Kuzmin in Revel; Letters of M. A. Kuzmin to
G. V. Chicherin (1890 g.] // Star. 1997. № 2. P. 138–171.
34. Around the almanach “Abraksas” // Russian Literature. 1997. № 4. P. 190–205.
35. From the history of the Russian press in Finland. “The Journal of Sodality”: the beginning
of the path (1933-1934)]: Introductory article and publication by A. G. Timofeev, commentary
by A. G. Timofeev and Keith Tribble // Russian Literature. 2000. № 1. P. 190–261.
36. Mitia Kuzmin and the Tsarevitch Dimitry: From the commentaries to the poems of M.
Kuzmin] // Collected Articles in Memory of N. I. Khardzhiev / Compiers and general editors
M. B. Meilakh and D. V. Sarbianov]. Moscow:The Languages of Russian Culture, 2000. P.
37. “On the source of the Tigris and the Efros…”; Efros Abram. Erotic Sonnets / Preface and
republication by A. G. Timofeev] //. Curtained Windows: Anthology of Russian Erotica. Saint
Petersburg: Amfora, , 2001. P. 427–444.
38. Mikhail Kuzmin and his Surrounding in 1880-1890: (New Materials for a Biography]//
Russian Literature. 2002. № 4. P. 173–193.
39. Appeal to a Prophet: On an Unknown Play by Aleksandr Kosorov; Kosorotov A. On the
Mountain. A Comedy in 4 acts and 5 tableaux. Publication and textual preparation by A. G.
Timofeev // Europa Orientalis (Università di Salerno). 2001 [published 2003]. [Vol.] XX. № 2.
P. 245–344. (Article – P. 245–278; text of the play – P. 279–344).
40. Volodia Zvonorev // Petersburg Library School. 2003. № 3. P. 8–18. Note: a fragment of
study № 38, excised by the journal at the time of publication. On a close friend of G. B.
Chicherin and acquaintance of M. Kuzmin, previously ignored by scholars]
41. S.A. Auslender in the periodical press of “white Omsk” (18 November 1918 – 14
November 1919): Materials toward a bibliography and uncollected articles // Ibid. 2004. № 1. P.
42. M. Kuzmin and Tsarist Censorship. The First Episode (Based on Materials from the
Russian State Historical Archive) // Russian Literature. 2005. № 4. P. 130-140.
43. Some Refinements and Additions to the Vienna Kuzmin Miscellany] // Russian Thought
(Paris)]. 1990. 2 November. № 3852. Literary Supplement. № 11. P. IV.
44. The Would-be Triumph of the Uranists, or a Play from Some Other Mountain//.). RushHour. (SPb). 1996. 20 November. № 202. С. 11; 27 November. № 206. С. 11; 4 December. №
210. С. 11. – Note: On the Unpublished Play by A.I. Kosorotov “On the Mountain” (1906) and
the Letter of the Author to the Censor].
45. Poems with pictures // Evening Petersburg. 1996. 9 December. № 234. P. 4.
46. On the Far Side of the Intelligentsia] // Ibid. 1996. 27 December . № 247. С. 3.
47. Kuzmin M. From the Revel letters to Georgy Chicherin] / Introduction, publication and
textual preparation by A.G. Timofeev // Evening Petersburg. 1997. 25 February. № 37. P. 4.
48. Unknown and Forgotten Prose by M. Kuzmin. 1917-1918] // Rush Hour. 1997. 5
November . № 164. P. 14. – Note: Publication of the Third Chapter of the Unfinished Novel
“Melted Trace” and Republication of the Forgotten Story “Why Are Pies Baked” with an
Introductory Note].
49. False Palm for Priority // Literary Review «Ex libris NG». 2001. 18 January.
№ 2. P. 8. – Written with G. Cheron and G. Perkins].
50. Note on the Exhibition “Kuzmin’s Petersburg” // Evening Petersburg. 2003. 21 January.
№ 8. P. 3. –Written with Alla Rabiniants; under Aleksandr Timofeev’s pseudonym Aleksandr
Timofeev-Algenti. Note: text was edited and appeared under the editors title.
Г. Ephemeral Editions
51. Little-known and unknown editions of translations of the works of M. Kuzmin into
German. In: 119th Invitational Meeting of the Bibliophiles’ Club “Bironovy koniushni” (All
Russian A.S. Pushkin Museum). Saint Petersburg. 31 October 2001.
D. Works Edited
52. Melent’ev M. M. A Book about Volodia (the Artist V.A. Svitalsky) – [2nd ed, rev. and
expanded; Preface, textual preparation and commentary by G.G. Martynov; edited by A.G.
Timofeev. Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Saint Petersburg: Aton, 2004).
E. Dissertation Abstract
53. The Working Notebooks of M. Kuzmin as a Literary and Biographical Source. Abstract
of Dissertation Written in Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Degree of Candidate of
Philological Sciences. Saint Petersburg: Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Russian
Literature (Pushkinsky Dom), 2005. P. 1-16.