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Muffin Cup Flowers
3-D Art
In Class
For Younger children, prepare shapes of flower and leaves. Older kids can do their own.
Attach the stems and leaves to muffin liners, add small amount of perfume to the flower
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Egg Carton Flowers
3-D art
In class
Cut Sections of an egg container apart. Attach chenille stems for stems and decorate with water
color markers
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Need: Paper plates, sand, egg cartons, glue, paper
Directions: Cover the entire paper plate with glue. Then sprinkle sand generously over the plate.
Fold the plate in half. Take a cardboard egg carton and cut two sections from it. Glue it to the
paper plate for eyes. Add paper legs.
Grade: K-2
Age: 4-6
Submitted by Nicole, a teacher from City Centre Child Care in Ontario.
Creating a gift.
What You Need:
Sheets of coloured beeswax
Popsicle Sticks
Metal Flower Cookie Cutter
Candle Wick
Mini Clay Pots
Small Foam Pieces
Glue Gun
What You Do:
1. Have the child pick out a colour of beeswax.
2. Use the cookie cutter to cut out 6 flower shapes.
3. Take 3 shapes and put one on top of the other pressing them together so they will stick.
4. Take the remaining 3 shapes and press the first 2 together and place a piece of candle wick
between the second and third shapes with a 1/4" sticking out of the top.
5. Press each set of 3 shapes onto each side of the popsicle stick, making sure they stick together.
6. Cut and glue (an adult should use the glue gun) a small square of foam into the bottom of the clay
7. Stick the bottom end of the popsicle stick into the foam.
8. Add straw around the base of the popsicle stick to cover the foam.
Fridge Frams
3-D Art
In class
Display children's works of art inside plastic sheet protectors. Attach to the fridge with magnetic
strips. Change artwork on display by slipping it in and out of the clear pocket for all to enjoy.
• magnetic strips or sheets with peel-off backing (at hobby or discount
• clear plastic sheet protector (office supply or discount stores)
• scissors
• refrigerator door
• children's artwork
Prepare and Process
• Stick four squares of thin magnetic strips on the back corners of a sheet protector. The
magnetic material comes with a peel-off backing and can be cut to any size.
• Press the sheet protector to the fridge, file cabinet, or any metal surface. It should hold firm.
• Slide an artwork into the sheet protector to view.
• Change artwork at any time.
Egg Carton Penguin
Egg carton
Black paint
White paint
Orange paint
Black craft paper
Orange craft paper
Pipe cleaner
2 small pompoms
What you do:
Cut two egg cartons, 2 cups each. Paint black and let dry. When dry, paint the face and belly of the penguin with
white paint. Cut an egg carton cup, trim and paint orange for the feet. Glue egg carton pieces together. Cut a beak
and wings out of craft paper. Draw eyes with a black marker. Glue wings and beak to the penguin and attach body
to feet. Cut a small piece of pipe cleaner and attach with two pompoms to the penguin’s face to make earmuffs.
Groundhog Mask
In Class
Barb K. and her classroom of youngsters make masks for Groundhog Day during this activity.
Materials: Paper plates, brown crayons, string,
mouth and nose out of construction paper.
Allow children to color the paper plate brown. Cut out two eye shapes. Glue the mouth and
nose on the paper plate. Tie sting to fit child's head. Pretend that you are ground hogs.
Comments: You can act out that you see your shadows.
More Crafts
This is an easy way to make caterpillars using egg cartons, crayons or markers, scissors, and pipe
cleaners. Googly eyes are a nice touch.
Separate 4, 5, or 6 cups from an egg carton.
Using the point of a scissors, an adult should make 2
small holes at one end for the antennae.
Insert pipe cleaners for the antennae.
Add eyes, a mouth, and decorate
Box Town
In Class
More Kinder Crafts
This is an easy way to make a toy town using old boxes, cartons, colored paper, scissors, tape,
paper tubes, and crayons.
To make buildings:
Wrap up boxes and other empty containers with colored paper.
Have an adult cut out doors if wanted.
Use tissue tubes for chimneys.
Decorate with windows, flower boxes, etc.
To make trees:
Use a tissue paper tube for the trunk.
Draw a green blob on stiff paper or cardboard for the leaf canopy and cut it out.
Tape the green canopy to the tube.
Relief Art
3-D Art
IN Class
Glue different objects to card board. Cover objects with aluminum foil. Rub with shoe polish
Mrs. Norton Elba Elm.
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