Costume letter

Edith’s Wartime Scrapbook
Your child should know which character they are! Please refer to the list below for the
appropriate costume. Your child should bring their costume to school in a named carrier
bag on Monday 13th July. They will then bring it home after our dress rehearsal on
Tuesday 14th to get changed at home before the evening concerts. If you have any
problems or need advice, please see your class teacher!
Thankyou for your co-operation.
Upper Key Stage 2 staff
Edith - as an old lady – dress/skirt, blouse, shawl etc.
Removal people – overalls/workcoats
Mr Coleman – blue shirt, tie, braces, cardigan, flat cap
Mrs Coleman, Angry wife, Mothers, Tea lady– dress, cardigan, apron, headscarf
Granny – as Edith!
ARPs – blue shirt, long grey trousers
Home Guard – shirt, tie, long trousers, braces
Women at war – dungarees/overalls, headscarf
Soldiers – combats, berets
American GIs – shirt and tie/suit, bomber/leather jacket
Hollywood girls – dresses
Local lads – shirt and tie, long trousers
Sidney – shirt and tie, long trousers, soldier’s jacket
Wally Davies – as an old man!
Billeting Officer – skirt and jacket, blouse, handbag
Alice, Fred, Evacuees, Year 5, Lights, Sound, Stage hands – Girls : dresses/skirt and
blouses, white knee socks, gas mask box to hang round neck Boys: short trousers, shirt,
long socks, tank top/cardigan, gas mask box to hang round neck
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