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Bentham Science Publishers, a major STM journal publisher of
79 online and print journals, and 4 print/online book (series),
Bentham Science answers the informational needs of the
pharmaceutical, biomedical and medical research community.
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“Current Protein & Peptide Science” presents summaries of specific
aspects of research involving proteins, peptides, and interactions
between the enzymes & experimental studies of protein folding and
design are given special emphasis.
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“Protein & Peptide Letters” publishes short papers in all important
aspects of protein and peptide research, including structural studies,
recombinant expression, function, synthesis, enzymology, immunology,
molecular modeling, drug design etc.
Special Personal Subscription rate: $ 280
“Current Proteomics” publishes review articles in all aspects of the
fast-expanding field of proteomics together with the methodology,
softwares, databases, technological advances and applications of
proteomics, including functional proteomics and diverse technologies.
Special Personal Subscription rate: $ 110
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