February 11-12, 2011, Piazza San Giovanni in Monte, 2 - 40124 Bologna
Sponsored by The Australian Academy of the Humanities International Science Linkages –
Humanities and Creative Arts Programme, in collaboration with University of Bologna,
Dipartimento di Discipline Storiche, Antropologiche e Geografiche, the Centro inter-universitario di
Storia culturale, and the journal “Storica”.
Friday 11, Aula Prodi, 9.30-11.30 am
Rethinking the historiography of internationalism. An Introduction.
Glenda Sluga (Un.of Sydney) The Great Age of Internationalism
Patrizia Dogliani (Un. of Bologna) From Internationalism to Trans-nationalism 1890-1950
Madeleine Herren (Un of Heidelberg) ‘Europe-Asia and the global history of
Marilyn Lake (LaTrobe Un), ‘Democracy and internationalism’
Friday 11 February, Aula Gambi, 12 am- 1 pm
Varieties of internationalisms in the 20th century:
Tim Harper (Cambridge Un.), ‘Radical internationalists and their networks in early
twentieth- century Asia’
Peter Mandler (Cambridge Un.), 'Cultural Relativism and Internationalism'
Friday 11 February, Aula Gambi, 2pm – 5pm
Internationalism, Nationalism, and Imperialism:.
Fiona Paisley (Griffith Un.), 'Cultural Internationalism in the Pan-Pacific’
James Cotton (UNSW ) 'Early Internationalists in the Antipodes’
International Institutions and international social movements:
Patricia Clavin (Oxford), ‘Internationalism and Histories of Development’
Jessica Reinisch (Birkbeck) ‘Internationalism and European reconstruction’
Sandrine Kott (Geneva) Agency in International Agencies: ILO
Saturday 12 February, Aula Gambi, 9-12am. Final plenary. Led by Kate Darian-Smith
(Melbourne), Tim Harper (Cambridge Un.), Elda Guerra (Tuscia Un.), Isabelle LapinetMoret (Paris X)
and discussion of future Directions led by Patrizia Dogliani and Glenda Sluga
Our aim in this plenary will be to define a number of related projects on the history of
internationalism, and plan a general history of 20th century internationalism.
The history of internationalism, to the extent that it exists, has long been written in terms of the
historiography of socialism and pacifism and as a late 19th century phenomenon. The aim of this
collaboration is to turn historical attention to the twentieth century as the ‘age of internationalism’,
by drawing on historians with broad experience in the cultural, political, intellectual, and social
history of specific aspects of internationalism. This workshop wants to be an initial conversation
among historians who share a view that a) the history of internationalism was a crucial part of the
broader history of democratization; b) that internationalism is no longer a significant component of
political debate, or of social and cultural movements; c) by studying and understanding
internationalism in its variety of 20th century form and from a combination of political, social and
cultural perspectives, we will be better able to understand not only the past, but what is distinctive
and new about the globalisms and globalization of the 20thc, and to understand the world of
political ideas and ambitions that citizens of the 21st century have lost.
Participants at the workshops will discuss pre-circulated papers. Each session will involve a
plenary. The final day includes a plenary to discuss publications, future collaborations, funding
applications, and follow-up.