respiration contaminants

Division of Human Environmental System
Evaluation and Control of Indoor Environment
Description and rationale: This course outlines fundamental aspects of man-equipment systems in indoor
environment first and then shows several evaluation and control methods for main indoor factors. In the
thermal environment thermoregulation mechanism in man and heat exchange between human body and its
environment are introduced as well as control of heating and cooling systems. Air contaminant control, control
of natural and artificial lighting and control of noise and acoustic environment are also covered together with
physiological and anatomical background.
Keywords: indoor environment, thermal environment, indoor air quality, lighting, acoustic environment
Pre-requisite: none
Expected students: master and doctoral
Prof Shintaro YOKOYAMA ([email protected]) and Dr Takafumi MAEDA
([email protected])
Course outline:
(1) Introduction
General principals for man-equipment systems in indoor environment
(2) Thermal environment
Thermoregulation in man, heat exchange between human body and its environment, and heating and
cooling systems
(3) Indoor air quality
Respiration, air contaminants and odor, and air cleaner, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
(4) Natural and artificial lighting
Physiological and anatomical background, illuminants and light sources
(5) Sound and acoustic environment
Anatomical and functional aspects of orditory organs, control of noise and optimization of acoustic
Grading: based on results of report given during the course
Textbooks and references: handout is distributed and references are indicated in the handout.