Tips for a sustainable lifestyle

Tips for a sustainable lifestyle
Everybody can contribute to reduce overall consumes by following these tips:
1. turn off lights when natural light is enough
2. do not keep TV sets or electrical appliances in the position ‘stand-by’
3. do not keep mobile phones’ recharge wire in the plug because it consumes electricity
4. use low consume bulbs
5. do not keep warm food in the fridge because the electricity consume is higher
6. turn off the oven 10 minutes before cooking times
7. use full loaded washing machines or clothes driers under a low temperature
8. buy low consume electrical appliances ( A+)
9. pressure-cook and use lids
10. the clothes-drier must be used only when it is not sunny
11. when brushing your teeth of shaving turn off the water tap
12. have a shower and not a bath
13. drink cold water tap
14. to water plants and wash cars use rainwater
15. put aluminium plates behind radiators
16. use biodegradable products
17. buy items with little packaging
18. make sided photocopies
19. the purchase of single unit item (1 lt and not 1.5 lt water) is advisable
20. buy rechargeable or loose products
21. use reusable bags for shopping
22. buy seasonal products
23. go by bike or on foot
24. go by bus only once a week
25. do not use the car individually
26. remove rack off if not needed
Before throwing away, these objects can be reused:
toys and clothes can be given to friends or relatives
an ‘exchange’ market of operational items can be promoted.
Some items could be fixed before being thrown away.
Recycling is essential: plastic, foil, paper, compost and waste such as batteries and medicines.