Zip lock, glad wrap, cling + wrap make sure they

Almost all plastics are contaminated with some sort of
chemical. A chemical called BPA is in most baby bottles all over
the world. Some places are even recalling baby bottles because of
the high BPA levels that can hurt or harm babies that use those
bottles. When the baby bottles release the BPA it causes behavioral
problems. When you put plastics in the dishwasher the plastic
releases the chemicals because it heats up the plastics and the
bacteria then gets in the cracks, and makes the plastic even more
harmful then it already was. The way you could keep the plastics
you use safe if buying BPA free water bottles and baby bottles.
Almost everyone on earth uses Plastics to store food and
water. But only a small amount of people know the safest plastics
to use, and to avoid. The plastics that should be avoided have a
chemical called BPA in them. BPA can effect behavioral
reproductive development in new born babies.
When you heat things in the microwave you should heat them
in ceramic, oven proof glass containers or stain less steal
One type of plastic storage is plastic wrap. The safe wraps
include, zip lock, glad wrap, cling plus wrap. Make sure they are
PVC free.
The safest plastics for holding water and food are
polyethylene terephalate recycle #1, High density polythlene
recycle #2, and polypropylene recycle #5. They should NOT be
reused…The plastics that should be avoided are polyvinyl chloride
recycle #3, Polysyrene recycle #6, and Polycarbonates recycle #7.
The reason that these plastics should be avoided is because they
may leek leach Chemicals into your food/drink.
Ways we could eliminate plastic water bottle usage in our
daily life are buy reusable aluminum water bottles. Once you buy
one water reusable water bottle that is all you need for a long time.
You could also use the water fountain at school.
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