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Quiz 1- year 11

Quiz 1
Circle the correct answer
1. What is alliteration?
a. The repetition of consonant sounds close together
b. A disappointing or unexpected end to exciting events
c. Two seemingly opposite words next to each other,
2. What is a metaphor?
a. When the word is the same as the sound
b. A direct comparison of two unlike things
c. An object that stands for an idea
3. What is a simile?
a. Extreme irony used to be unkind or to mock someone
b. Saying the same thing again
c. An indirect comparison, using the words ‘like’ or ‘as
4. How is poetry different to prose (novels and short stories)?
a. It uses rhythm
b. It uses rhyme
c. It uses sound devices
d. All of the above
5. What is personification?
a. Two opposite ideas set up against each other
b. Giving human qualities to an object or idea
c. A play on words which are identical or similar in sound