Article #15 - Fog Alert

Fog Alert
In recent years the combination of dense fog and school buses has produced
some scary scenarios, especially in the mornings. This is especially true in
the fall when slow-moving (and sometimes poorly lighted) farm implements
are also using those same roads. Last year Iroquois West District #10
adopted a new policy of delaying the start of school by one hour when
fog/weather conditions threaten the safety of our students and staff.
I want to take this opportunity to remind the reader of three things. First, if
the fog is especially dense in the morning please check the radio or TV to
see if the start of school has been delayed. Second, if a parent needs to leave
for work and the child is not old enough to remain at home for the extra
hour, the parent may drop the child off at school; we will have personnel
there to supervise the children.
Finally, regardless of the apparent severity of the fog, please be alert for
slow moving/stopped school buses (and farm implements) whenever
visibility is reduced.
Let’s keep the roads safe for everyone. Thank you.
Larry Eyre, I.W. Superintendent