Interior Design - Ozark R

Interior Design
G038, 5th Lunch
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Instructor’s Name: Mrs. McNew
Room #: G038 – 4B
PLAN: 3A & 3B, Office-next to class (G047)
Email: [email protected]
Course Description: Interior Design gives students the opportunity to further their design skills and
build a portfolio of work. The lessons for this class will be geared towards the needs and interests of the
students. We will study furniture styles, advanced color schemes, flooring, windows, walls and lighting.
We will design kitchens, home offices and a two-bedroom apartment. We will look at current design
trends and create DIY decorating projects.
Prerequisite: Housing and Interiors, grade C or higher
Textbook: Homes and Interiors, stored in the classroom
Laptop: You will need a laptop or access to one to be an active participant in this course. If
obtaining one has been a challenge for you, please let me know and we will see what arrangement
can be made for you. Be aware, the teacher will not create paper pencil versions of all of the
computer based projects. Bring your laptop and charger every day.
Course Outline: This is subject to change, based on the needs of the students in the class and may
not be completed in this order. *More time may be spent on certain units and time may run out
before completing all units.
Dream Home: Students will focus on their own design style and aesthetic to create a presentation of
his/her “Dream Home”. This is an opportunity to explore current and past design trends and decorating
ideas and create a virtual tour through the home.
Home Offices- Students will refine their skills in arranging interior spaces while designing a home office
for a client (Scale Measurement and Furniture Arrangement/Drawings will be incorporated).
Kitchens- Students will expand their skills in drawing interior spaces by designing a kitchen. Students
will select cabinetry and appliances to design a custom kitchen for them selves or a sample client.
Potential Field Trip: Lowe’s and Kitchen Land
Visual Presentation- Students will prepare renderings and sketches of the home office and kitchen that
they designed earlier in the course.
Fabric Selection: Students will explore designer fabrics used for decorating and upholstery. Potential
Field trip: FM Fabrics, Springfield, MO.
Color theory- Students will expand their skills in color theory by designing a color scheme for a client,
creating three different color schemes from one base color and applying a color scheme to an apartment or
Wall arrangements- Students will expand their skills in the elements and principles of design by creating
balanced wall arrangements. Students in this Unit will be able to get creative in creating a DIY project for
a wall arrangement.
Backgrounds- students will learn about different window treatments, floor coverings and wall treatments
and how to apply them to housing designs.
Lighting- Students will learn about different styles of lighting and how to apply them to the housing
Visual Presentation - Students will demonstrate their decorating ideas for an apartment or condo by
creating a sample board.
Careers in housing and home furnishings- Students will analyze career paths within the housing and home
furnishings industry. Potential Field Trip: Resource Room, Nixa.
Furniture styles- Students will explore the features of furnishings that are characteristic of various
historical periods.
Supply List
Housing and Interiors Portfolio file folder, for storage of materials
File storage on laptop or a flash drive for file storage (if you are not using your own laptop)
OPTIONAL: Colored Pencils, there are designated “Interior Design” pencils that are great to be used in
class, if you need to work outside of class on renderings and drawings, you might consider buying your
own set.
Class Rules
 You are responsible for knowing and following school wide rules in the student handbook.
 Supplies are required each day in class.
 All class members and their property should be treated with respect.
Assessment Strategy
Project scoring guides, written tests and final if required.
Final: The final exam will be comprehensive (cover the entire semester). The district finals policies will