Attitudes and Beliefs About Special Education and Students with Disabilities
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Sentence Completion Activity #1
Instructions: Please complete each statement. Where applicable, please circle your
choice of the bolded terms in the parenthesis. Please use your own words to complete
sentence number 4. You may add in additional sentences after responding to an item, if
you wish.
1. I (have / have not) had experience with children who have special needs.
2. At my current fieldwork placement, there (are / are not) students who have special
needs in my classroom(s).
3. When I think about children who have special needs, the following three words
immediately come into my mind to describe how I feel...
4. As a regular/general education teacher, I think that I (will / will not ) be responsible
for teaching students who have special needs because...
(activity from McNamara (Spears), 2002)
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