75 bulls - $3383

75 bulls - $3383
- 31 Fall born bulls - $3065
- 44 yearling bulls - $3608
145 Red Angus open Replacement heifers - $700
14 Red Angus/Hereford open replacement heifers - $680
It was a cool morning on February 3 for the annual “You Buy, We Bid” Gill Red Angus
Spring Bull Sale, but that didn’t stop a huge crowd from gathering for this top event. In
fact, it was the largest crowd ever assembled and the cooks did a great job preparing, as
there were only 2 bowls of chili left at the end of the day.
Gill Red Angus believes strongly in high quality cattle and customer service. They travel
from feeder to feeder and barn to barn placing bids on their customers’ calves throughout
the year. It’s been proven that when top quality Gill Red Angus genetics are used, those
calves will top the markets when they sell.
The High Selling sire group was WR Mr. Red Dawg 5335. His sons had everyone
talking and commenting about how even and strong these bulls were. Eleven sons sold,
from $5750 to $3250, for an average of $4450. Eight of them were full brothers that
were all sired by Red Dawg and out of the great LMG Dynette 902 cow. These bulls
were in high demand and had great numbers to go along with their powerful look. They
are 3.3 49 84 17 41 10 -.08 .21.
Lot 45 topped this group of bulls. This long made, very thick quartered and deep-bodied
bull had the crowd excited. Bidding came from all over the place until finally repeat
customer, Sandy Willow Red Angus from Waubay, SD, grabbed him for $5750.
Two other full brothers, Lots 47 and 44, both sold to repeat customer, Shane Lynch from
Keldron, ND. They are both big stout, very classy made, thick bulls and will sire some
real consistent feeder calves and outstanding replacement heifers. They both sold for
$5500 and $5000.
Lots 40, 41, and 42 were all selected by the same ranch. It was Gene Korzan from
Kimball, SD, who made the good investment. All three of these bulls were nearly
identical in style and shape. Lot 40 was the highest performing bull of the day and sold
for $5000 while lot 41 sold for $5000, and lot 42 sold for $4750. Gene Korzan also
purchased another Red Dawg son out of the top donor cow, LMG Sara 817. Lot 38 left
the ring at $4000. His EPDs are 1.7 39 71 23 42 11 .00 .19.
Repeat customers, Dan and Tara Hooper, Merriman, NE, selected another outstanding
full brother. Gill Red Angus kept ½ semen and ½ possession interest in this outstanding
bull. Gill Red Angus plans to use him extremely strong in their program and you will see
sons out of him in the future. This long, classy, thick, and deep made bull left the ring at
$4250 for ½ interest.
Topping the entire sale was Lot 62, a coming yearling son of RED Fine Line Mulberry
26P. This bull put it all together from front to back, as he is a long bodied, dark colored,
classy made bull that turned a lot of heads sale day. His EPDs are 2.3 42 74 20 41
8 -.06 .02 and he weaned off at 801 lbs. After the smoke settled and the bidding
stopped, Erdman Angus of Leola, SD, made a great purchase for $6250.
Lot 61 is another son of donor cow, LMG Sara 817. He is sired by VGW Rattler 908 and
had good numbers to go with his great look. They are .8 34 59 15 32 7 .01 .08. This deep-sided bull was in demand and sold to repeat customer, Arlyn Mahrer from
Harold, SD, for $5000.
Travis Johnson from Sisseton, SD, is another repeat customer of Gill Red Angus and he
selected Lot 70 for his great program. This is a powerful LSF Combination son that has a
super look to him. This big stout bull has EPDs of 3.8 42 67 9 31 11 14 .09
.01 and left the ring at $4750.
Lot 66 was next in line, and is another RED Fine Line Mulberry 26P son. He is a real
long, classy and soggy made bull with great numbers. He has 2.7 42 75 25 46 7
.01 -.02. Repeat customer, Northern Lights Ranch, from Opheim, MT, made the great
purchase for $4500.
Steve Walter from Huron, SD, chose a top fall born bull for his good program. Lot 26 is
a PIE Accelerator 4028 son that is real classy made with a lot of muscle and calving ease
bred into him. His numbers are 1.6 23 52 10 22 8 -.10 .13. He left the ring
at $4500.
Cross Diamond Red Angus from Bertrand, NE, selected a super VGW Rattler 908 son for
their outstanding Red Angus program. This powerful made, long bodied, clean fronted
bull goes back to the great LMG Daorv 841 cow. He sold for $4250 and had EPDs of 2
38 57 12 31 7 .02 -.10.
The replacement heifers were also in high demand as bids came from all over. The final
bid came in from Dave Mitchell of Elm Creek, NE, over Superior Livestock. He took all
of the straight red heifers for $700.
Nineteen states were represented on the registration list and bulls sold into nine different
states, while the majority of the bulls sold to repeat customers. The volume buyers on the
bulls were Cecil Lake from Grant, NE, with five bulls and Gene Korzan from Kimball,
SD, with four bulls.
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