Guidelines for ICU Residents and Interns

Guidelines for ICU Residents and Interns
1. Each senior resident CA2-CA3 is responsible for all the patients assigned to the
interns in addition to his own patients.
2. Daily clinical notes by interns and students should be documented and co-signed
by the senior resident.
3. Daily plans of care should be documented during morning rounds in the “daily
care form”.
4. Families should be updated daily and informed consent always obtained prior to
invasive procedures.
5. Plans of care and daily interventions should be communicated to the surgical
6. At the discretion of the attending, residents will be given two attempts at line
placement and intubations at which point the attending will make a decision to
take over from the resident.
Rotation final evaluations will be based on the
Clinical performance
Professional behavior
A mandatory presentation, lecture or case review
ICU multiple choice test
75% will be considered the pass threshold for successful completion of the rotation.
Every resident and intern should:
A. Obtain an ICU manual from the CT/ICU office.
B. Review goals and objectives of the rotation on One:45.
C. Complete the test and give the presentation no later than one week after finalizing
the rotation.