Grades 6-8 and Algebra 1 Student Practice for Gridded Response

Grades 6-8 & Algebra I
Student Practice for Gridded Response Questions
1. Write only one digit or symbol in each box.
2. Begin your answer on the far left column in the first spot provided.
Darken the corresponding circle below each box. The computer scores based
on the darkened circles.
3. Do not leave any blank spaces within your answer. It is okay if there
are blank spaces at the end of your answer.
4. Use only symbols that are provided in the circles. Do not use symbols
such as comas or dollar signs.
5. If an answer is a mixed number, it must be changed and entered as
an improper fraction or a decimal. For example, if the answer is the
mixed number four and one-half, it must be entered as 9/2 as an improper
fraction or 4.5 as a decimal.
Modified by DCS for classroom instruction and practice