Language to Acknowledge Other People`s Ideas

Language Frames to Acknowledge Other People’s Ideas
Casual Conversational English
-My idea is like ____________’s idea.
-My idea is the same as ____________’s.
Formal Spoken and Written English
Expressing Agreement and Building upon an Idea:
-My idea is similar/related to _______________’s idea.
-My idea builds upon __________’s idea.
-I agree with ________’s perspective. I also think that …
-As _____________ already pointed out, it seems like …
-_____________ already mentioned …………., but I would like to add …
Expressing Polite Disagreement and Providing Reasons:
-I don’t entirely agree with _________ that ….
-My opinion/experience/perspective is different than ________’s. I think …
-My idea is slightly different than ________’s. It seems to me …
Adapted from Kate Kinsella, SF State, 8/03