Cardiovascular Stroke (CVA) Residential Care agreement


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Cardiovascular Stroke (CVA) Residential Care


2003.7 issue

2004.10 modify

● Do you know what’s the patient of CVA diet should avoid?


Food contain high sodium, for example noodle lines 、 can food 、 preserved fruit and all sorts of process food.


High cholesterol food such as internal organs (brain, liver, kidney) 、 crab egg 、 shrimp egg 、 egg yolk.


Animal oil, like lard, fat meat.


Avoid alcohol drink and contain high caffeine black tea 、 coffee.

● Daily life:


After discharged, the patient should follow doctor’s prescription taking medicine, don’t adjust the quantity or stop taking it by oneself.


If a patient is taking antihypertensive drugs, should follow doctor’s prescription, before taking medicine or every week should take blood pressure once, and recorded for doctor’s further prescription reference.

● CVA patient is best for the following diet:


Better use vegetable oil (olive oil or salad oil) for cook.


Eat soft and easy swallow food; avoid deep fried cooking.


Eat lots of vegetable and fruits, don’t picky on food; avoid constipation.


Take less hot pepper 、 black pepper 、 curry powder.


Eat more potassium enriched fruit such as orange 、 tangerine 、 grape fruit.


While eating, straight up upper body, and take small sip of the food to avoid choke.

● Can you do the residential care?

Body exercise and vocal rehabilitation:


When one side body paralyzed, you can help work on side of the patient’s body.


The patient needs family fully support, to give patient comfortable body position.


If patient stay in bed most of the time, need flip body every 1-2 hours.

4. Help patient body exercise, to help maintain the joints health and function.

5. If the patient is unable to speak out clearly, encourage him/her to use body language, hand language or single word.

6.Use the helping device for handicap patient, always keep the ground dry, wear proper clothes, if suffer dizziness, stop immediately, avoid lose balance and fall.

7.Every time you flip the patient’s body, you should help massage his/her back, to prevent the skin pressure sores , if the skin is getting too dry, use baby oil to lubricate the dry skin, at least every week, wash hair once, the bathing water temperature should not exceed 43 ℃ ,always clip nails(fingers/toes).

● Do you familiar with high/low blood pressure’s symptom?


If the patient feel dizziness 、 headache 、 face blush symptoms, could be higher blood pressure, should seek medication immediately.


Gesture type of low blood pressure symptom is pale face. Higher heart pulse, dizziness, at this time, the patient should lay down flat, higher lower limb, wiggle his/her feet.


Pay special attention the weather related blood pressure, especial in winter.


Please according to the doctor’s clinical time schedule, come back for examination periodically, and make reservation two week prior.

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