This database was created in MS Access version 2010 and can be
opened in previous versions down to Access 2003. This database
serves as a tool for cardiac arrest data collection and quality
improvement. This database is stand-alone, and is not tied to any
other database, nationally, or otherwise. This database includes
several basic reports that agencies can choose to use or modify, as
they see fit.
King County EMS is not able to provide ongoing support for this
database and/or reports. Agencies are solely responsible for any
changes, modifications, or updates to the software.
KCEMS cannot take responsibility for any of the information collected,
and is not responsible for any data corruption or loss. It is the sole
responsibility of the individual user/agency to comply with all
applicable rules and regulations pertaining to protected health
information (PHI), including all HIPAA guidelines, and must maintain
confidentiality of their data to meet those guidelines.
Please do not contact King County EMS for any issues with your
database. Agencies must rely on their own IT staff for support.