Myofascial therapy is a non-invasive hand`s on therapeutic technique

The “Advanced Myotherapy” class is a non-invasive hand’s on therapeutic technique. It has been scientifically
proven by notable doctors such as Janet Travel and David Simmons.
“Myo”, meaning muscle and fascial or fascia is the connective tissue that runs through the inner plains of the body.
It can be compared to saran wrap for the body.
The therapist who performs Myo-therapy should be a licensed massage therapist, Physical Therapist or Occupational
Therapist familiar with this technique and has a diagnosis from a referring physician. There are doctors of
chiropractic and doctors of oriental medicine that also do Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy.
The therapy itself consists of assessing the areas of reported pain and discovering the actual trigger points. These are
taunt bands or tender spots that create a referring pain pattern. The therapist applies continuous pressure on the point
to the patient’s tolerance and follows up with appropriate stretch techniques. There may also be the use of spray and
stretch for creating increased range of motion in an extremity or in the spine. This freezes an area that is having
work done to confuse the nervous system to make it easier to get a greater stretch.
The patient is also asked to explain there daily activities so the therapist can modify them in order to create a better
awareness for the patient on what can be causing the pain and hopefully alleviate the trigger point which will
alleviate the pain Pattern.
Myo-fascial trigger point therapy does not have to be a painful experience. So remember to express your pain
tolerance and threshold to your therapist. This class is designed to introduce technique and theory to massage
therapist who are interested in advancing and honing their abilities to work with clients that have severe pain issues.
We will also discuss how to relate to the medical providers that will be referring patients to you.