cultural revolution and the african american

A people’s culture comes from a people’s history. It is a people’s movement to change or
improve their economic relations of the material base of production and what makes their
traditions relevant to their future development or not.
Culture is based on learned traditions and acquired customs that serve a people’s spiritual
life or morale. Culture serves as the esprit de corps that motivates a people to continue to
pursue the economic activity of social life. From cultural practice one is socialized in the
ABCs of what the people consider is right and wrong, good and bad, and the reasons
In order to move beyond the concept of assimilation into capitalist society, which is selfnegation (self-destruction or genocide), the African American needs to engage in a
revolutionary cultural revolution during a political revolution to change the economic
The question of revolutionary discipline has to be combined with broad democratic
principles of scientific socialism. With the present degeneration and demoralization of the
African American population a revolutionary culture that establishes discipline needs to
be established.
The health cultural movement should be based on science. A scientific approach to the
question of health would work to eliminate alcoholism, drug use and smoking among the
African American population. These things harm health as well as the social discipline.