Call for contributions to the EAD success

Call for contributions to the European Action on Drugs TOP ten stories
After two successful years, the European Action on Drugs – EAD campaign is coming to an end.
In order to recognize and highlight the most significant actions performed by the EAD signatories the
European Commission is launching a call for contributions to the EAD Top Ten stories campaign.
The Commission will select and give a widespread visibility to the TOP TEN stories performed by the
EAD signatories through in particular their presentation on the DG Justice website of European
We ask the signatories to contribute to this campaign by presenting the actions they consider to be
successful or particularly innovative, either by their nature or target group, or by the means used or
the context in which they are undertaken.
The initiatives you have performed in dealing with drugs under the European Action on Drugs, and
that you would like to share with others, will tangibly demonstrate how much Civil society can do and
that every single citizen who wants to do so can seriously engage and act concretely in this field.
Every action counts!
You have made a commitment to the European Action on Drugs and you would like to share your
action with others?
Responding to the call for contributions to the EAD Top Ten stories is a perfect occasion.
Send the presentation of your initiative to [email protected] before 15 April 2012!
The Top ten stories will be firstly pre-selected by the EAD secretariat and then chosen by the
European Commission.
The criteria of selection will include originality, impact of the carried activities and follow-up.
The chosen stories will be balanced geographically and will reflect the variety of the methods of work
and target groups.
Top Ten stories from the EAD signatories will be posted online on European Commission
Directorate General Justice for thousands to see!
Submit your story!
1. Prepare an article, a power point presentation, a comic strip or a video clip about your story
(see technical information included in the attached application form).
2. Fill in the application form and e-mail your story presentation on [email protected]
(with the subject line TOP TEN ACTIONS) before 15 April 2012.
3. Your submission will be reviewed by the European Commission.
Top Ten stories will be posted online on DG Justice website for thousands to see.
5. The launch of EAD stories page on DG Justice website will coincide with the International Day
Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (26 June).
In recent years, the world has witnessed a growing wave of local initiatives in the field of drug
prevention and treatment. Civil society, teachers, different associations, institutions, other entities
have been playing an active part in grassroots actions aimed at helping people not to become
involved in drugs.
Initiatives like that are often very effective, but they rarely get known beyond the immediate sphere
of their promoters. Moreover, they tend to be short-lived because promoters don't have the
strength to sustain them and a suitable supporting network is lacking.
Through the European Action on Drugs campaign the European Commission has provided a new tool
for everyone in the EU to take action in the field of drugs.
The interest for the campaign was huge. The number of signatories has grown over the past two
years and has reached more than 1300! The European Commission would like summarize the
campaign by highlighting Ten Top stories of the EAD signatories.
For more information, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]