Application Paper 1

Dr. Gass
HCOM 332
Spring 2010
Application Paper 1
For your first paper you should select a specific theory or concept covered in the course. Examine the
theory or concept and how it functions, then provide a specific real-life application of it at work. Your
application should build a bridge between the theory and persuasion in the real world.
You may select any theory concept, principle, or process covered in class or in the text during the first
half of the semester. You should come up with your own example or illustration of how the particular
theory relates to a real-life setting. Don’t simply repeat an example from the text.
You will be evaluated on how clearly you explain the theory or concept, and how meaningful and
relevant your application of the particular theory is. Depending on the theory you select, you may need
to do outside research to “flesh out” the theory. Your paper should be 5-7 pages (typed, doublespaced). You should carefully proof-read your paper for spelling, typographical, and grammatical errors.
If you cite material from the text, indicate the page number(s). If you cite sources outside the text,
provide complete references (APA style).
I'd like you to limit yourself to just one theory or concept. In fact, I would urge you to select a fairly
specific, narrow topic area. You'll be surprised how much research a single topic can generate. Also,
keep in mind that you will need to examine how that one variable functions in relation to other
variables. For example, if you selected "source credibility" as a variable, you would need to explore how
source credibility affects, and is affected by, other variables. Since we will not have covered many of
these variables by the time the first paper is due, you may wish to read ahead and/or consult me about
your topic. In most cases, I can provide you with references that will give you some direction.
I anticipate that your paper will be between 5-7 pages in length, typed and double-spaced. However, its
length will depend to a large extent on the topic you select, the amount of research on that topic, and
the degree of consistency among the research findings. You should pay proper homage to syntax and
grammar. You will be graded on the quality of your writing as much as on substance of your ideas. Your
paper must conform to A.P.A. style. A complete reference must be provided whenever you refer to the
words, ideas, statistics or other information provided by an author. All quotations should be in
quotation marks, with a page number provided. Failure to provide appropriate references constitutes an
act of plagiarism.
This paper is worth 25% of your course grade.
Feel free to stop by my office and brainstorm about possible topics. You may also look at sample papers
from previous semesters. I'm in my office far more than the official office hours indicate.