410-014 Advanced Radiology - Blackboard

Clerkship No. m410-014
Diagnostic Imaging & Therapeutics, John Dempsey
Committee Members:
Harold Moskowitz,MD, FACR, Clerkship Director
Committee: Douglas Fellows, MD, Lorenz Schielke, MD,
Lawrence Briggs, MD, John Pannese, MD, John Vento,
MD, Mark Kane, MD Clifford Yang, MD
Harold Moskowitz, MD
University of Connecticut Health Center
Diagnostic Imaging & Therapeutics
Farmington, CT 06030-2905
One four week block
Months Offered:
July-November and January-April only or by special
arrangement with Dr. Moskowitz
No. of Students:
Maximum 2 per month
Completion of the third year medical school and basic 4th
year radiology elective
Report To:
Student will report to the Radiology department at the John
Dempsey Hospital and Ms. Erin Davis at 8:15am on the
first day of the elective. Information regarding this elective
can be obtained by calling 860-679-3312.
Description of Program
Advanced Radiology 4th year:
This clerkship is designed for students who are interested in a more intensive experience
in radiology after completing the introductory 4th year radiology elective. This four week
elective will give the student an opportunity to spend either the entire four weeks or one
week blocks in each of one of four subspecialty areas. These include interventional
radiology, computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or
nuclear medicine. The student can elect to spend either the entire block in one of these
subspecialties areas or “mix and match” amongst these four areas. Each time slot must
be at least one week in duration.
At the conclusion of the month, the students will have acquired knowledge of the
radiologic procedures performed in each of these various subspecialty areas. Students
will understand how the subspecialty areas relate to various clinical problems and special
attention will be given to have the student understand a appropriate and cost effective
imaging technique for many clinical scenarios.
The student will spend each day in these subspecialty areas with the attending working in
that area. They will have an opportunity to see significant number of either CT or MRI
cases. They will understand the effective use of newer imaging modalities in nuclear
medicine such as PET imaging or they can take part in the interventional radiology
procedures performance in our new special procedures room.
The program will be flexible enough to allow students to spend one, two, three, or four
weeks in each of these areas. When possible, students will be expected to attend
departmental conferences. The student will be required at the end of the month to give a
PowerPoint presentation at our resident noon conference on a topic they have selected
that relates to a case or a clinical situation they have encountered during the month.
The course includes approximately 140 hours of direct working with a radiologist and
instruction. Each student will be evaluated by the faculty in each subspecialty area.
Revised 2/25/08