Need Small Farm Business and Marketing Resources

Small Farms Business and Marketing Resources
“Building a Sustainable Business”
A guide to developing a business plan for farms and rural businesses
Handbook Series Book 6, 2003 Sustainable Ag Network/Minnesota Institute for
Sustainable Agriculture, $17.00
Call 1-800-909-MISA or go to
“Making Your Small Farm Profitable”
Apply 25 guiding principles
Develop New Crops and New Markets
Maximize Net Profits per Acre
Ron Macher, Storey Publishing $19.95
Call 1-800-441-5700 or
“Sell What You Sow!” The Grower’s Guide to Successful Produce
Eric Gibson, $24.95
Call 530-823-3886 or
“The New Farmers’ Market” Farm-Fresh Ideas for Producers,
Managers and Communities
Vance Corum, Marcie Rosenzweig and Eric Gibson $24.95
Call 530-823-3886 or
“Market Farming Success- Growing for Market”
Lynn Byczynski, $25
Call 800-307-8949 or
“Growing for Market” Monthly Newsletter
Lynn Byczynski, $33/year in U.S.
Call 800-307-8949 or
“The Flower Farmer-An Organic Grower’s Guide to Raising and
Selling Flowers”
Lynn Byczynski, $30
Call 800-307-8949 or
“Grassroots Marketing-Getting Noticed in a Noisy World”
Shel Horowitz, $22.95
Call 800-639-4099 or
“Do-it-Yourself Advertising & Promotion”
Fred Hahn, $19.95
“Successful Marketing Research”
Edward L. Hester, $24.95
“Sales Don’t Just Happen-20 Proven Strategies to Increase Sales in
any Market”
Stephan Schiffman, $15.95
“Marketing on the Edge-A Marketing Guide for Progressive Farmers”
Canada Farm Business Management Council, $29.00
Call 1-888-232-3262
“Why We Buy-The Science of Shopping”
Paco Underhill, $15
“The Legal Guide for Direct Farm Marketing”
Neil D. Hamilton, $20
Call 515-271-2065